Cock and Balls : A Photo Study of Rock Gods’ Packages In Very Tight Trousers

Famous rock gods liked to show off their little fellas in very tight trousers and budgie smugglers

Rock Stars like to wear tight trousers. Why? As Paul Gallagher notes, when a BBC reporters asked the cool kids what most attracted them to the man holding the mic, they answered in one voice: the music. But Mrs. Iris Mountbatten revealed her son ‘Leggy’ was an avid admirer of the Rutles after seeing their tight trousers. Mum, on the other hand, appreciated Tom Jones and ‘Wendell’, the name of the singer’s penis. Iggy Pop writes sings about his concertinaed pal. “You write about things of importance to you,” he told Rolling Stone. “And it’s gotta be for real. Do I think about my dick? All the time. I got a right to sing about it.” Feel the inspiration:


mick jagger penis

Mick Jagger


Robert Plant

Robert Plant

jimi hendrix penis

Ringo STarr penis

Ringo Starr

Rod Stewart penis

Rod Stewart

david essex penis

David Essex (Rex)

Pete Townsend Keith Moon penis

Pete Townsend Keith Moon

Marc Boland tight penis trousers

Marc Bolan


Abba – by Michael Ochs (Getty)

Via: Dangerous Minds