On This Day In Photos: JFK Is Murdered

ON This Day In Photos: November 22, 1963 – President John F Kennedy is shot dead in Dallas. This was the “where were you when…? moment of the 1960s.

This is story that can be told is buzzwords: grassy knoll; book depository;

Jackie Kennedy’s cries “Oh no”; death.

The police found a gun but no gunman. Less than one hour after the murder, Lee Harvey Oswald, shot dead policeman JD Tibbit who approached him. Oswald was arrested and charged with the assassination of President Kennedy. Two days later, Jack Ruby, a night club owner, shot Oswald dead.

Ruby was sentenced to death in 1964 for the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald. He  died of cancer while awaiting retrial. At his funeral a small gathering heard Rabbi David Graubert term Ruby as “an avenger of blood–a misguided patriot“.

The whole truth has yet to emerge.

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