Medieval Rabbits Maimed, Killed And Tortured Humans And Dogs

Many years ago, I owned a share in a racing greyhound. Before one race (in Wimbledon, London), the trainer came over to me and the rest of the consortium and said one word: “Rabbits!” The hound had tasted rabbit. The theory went that now he’d eaten one – and liked it – come the race Princey would try that bit harder to catch that motorised bunny. But what if the dog was petrified of rabbits and hares?

The British Library’s Royal MS 10 E iv, aka the Smithfield Decretals, is a late fourteenth-century law book containing many illuminations including an image of rabbits trying a captured hound for crimes unspecified.



killer rabbits medievil 14


Did the hound escape? Was he innocent? Find out what happened to Fido later on.

In the meanhile, get a load of the rabbit in Pontifical of Guillaume Durand, Avignon, produced before 1390:


killer rabbits medievil 3

And there’s the Ormesby Psalter (Bodleian Library MS. Douce 366), “a psalter, a collection of Psalms meant for contemplative reading”:


killer rabbits medievil 1


Terrifying stuff. And it gets worse. The armed rabbits have allies. Like the snails:


killer rabbits medievil 15


Fido was hanged from the neck until dead. He was then, most likely, soaked in gravy and canned.


killer rabbits medievil 11

killer rabbits medievil 10

killer rabbits medievil 9

killer rabbits medievil 8

killer rabbits medievil 7


Monty Python were right – rabbits are natural born killers:



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