Mild as May – When Marlboro Cigarettes were for Women

Marlboro cigarettes for many decades were sold as a manly cigarette and used rugged and macho cowboys to advertise their overtly masculine brand. However, Marlboro were originally introduced as a cigarette for women and used the line “Mild as May” to attract a female audience. The Marlboro brand had some of the first cigarette adverts to show a fashionable woman smoking elegantly.

Marlboro cigarettes 1927


Early ads, targeting women who may have been concerned with their lipstick, mentioned “Ivory Tips” to “protect the lips”.

It wasn’t until 1954, several years after the war, that Marlboro went for the male market to compete with the three other top cigarette brands.

Marlboro cigarettes 1935


Marlboro cigarettes 1942



Marlboro cigarettes 1943




Marlboro cigarettes 1945



Marlboro cigarettes 1945



Marlboro 1947








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