Fab and Funky Living Rooms of the Seventies

Come take a tour through the living rooms of an era unfamiliar with the word “restraint” and “subtlety”.  Most of these pictures are taken from home and décor books from early-on in the decade; each possess that special Seventies pizzazz we love so much.  Enjoy.


funky 1970s living room (14)

The Seventies’ love affair with brown began with the hippie’s nature-loving ethic.  “Plastic” colors were “out” and earth tones were “in”.  This living room feels like you’re sitting in a pile of dead leaves on the forest floor.  I half expect a family of deer to pass through.


funky 1970s living room (7)

Don’t let the spacious mattress-sized sofa fool you; I believe this is actually a living room. I particularly dig the reel-to-reel stereo and the wildly distasteful artwork.  A giant oil painting of an upskirt?  No problem. This Seventies Superstud can’t be bothered with your sensitive condition; he’s got consequence-free lovemaking to attend to.


funky 1970s living room (1)

I’ve said this before: the beauty of Seventies décor lies in its bi-polar nature. On the one side, you have very natural earthy browns, and on the other the very minimalist, experimental “futuristic” look.  Say what you will about the Seventies; they were never boring.


funky 1970s living room (5)

Hell, yeah.  This living room has got the Moonbase Alpha vibe down pat.  I can easily see Commander Edward Straker coming home to this living room after a long day’s work at SHADO headquarters.


funky 1970s living room (6)

I love big ass couches.  This is no modern day McMansion; this pure Seventies fab – the perfect place for the tots to play and dad to brood.


funky 1970s living room (15)

The hanging alligator is the perfect complement to the most uncomfortable furniture on earth.


funky 1970s living room (13)

Books were a lot more common as a part of a living room’s décor back then.  I’m often amazed at homes I visit which don’t seem to have a single bookshelf.


funky 1970s living room (12)

You’ll notice what’s missing from these living room pictures: TV screens – particularly obnoxiously giant flatscreens.  I feel sorry for those poor waifs who had to live in such a cruel world deprived of their massive televisions.  The inhumanity of it all.


funky 1970s living room (4)

Ahhhh.  There’s something wonderful about a sunken living room (AKA “convo pit”).  Of course, I could live without the gargantuan alien viruses floating overhead.


funky 1970s living room (3)

Cheese and rice! It’s a lamp, but it’s also a monstrous plant phallus from Pink Floyd’s The Wall.


funky 1970s living room (11)

What this room says to me: “Come. Eat some fondue. Smoke some grass. Relax.”


funky 1970s living room (10)

Remember what I said about Seventies décor not being boring?  Within this single living area there is a sitar, a 17th century Flemish painting, an adobe fireplace, a sitar, a synthetic Wampa fur rug, seating that looks like it belongs in a bus station, and a stockpile of dilithium crystals!


funky 1970s living room (2)

I love the toadstool ashtray/lamp, but of particular interest is that horse statue.  Fans of The Brady Bunch will definitely recognize it.


funky 1970s living room (9)

Can you imagine heating and cooling this open space? If you look close you can almost see the dollar bills being sucked into oblivion.


funky 1970s living room (8)

Nice.  But it almost seems like there needs to be microphone hanging from the ceiling.  I’d always be wondering when Merv Griffin was going to pop in

For more funky living room goodness, check out an entire article devoted to groovy 70s sofas.  Prepare to have world rocked.

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