Bearded Space Alien Jesus In A Leisure Suit Is Awesome At Karate

Alien Warrior : King of the Streets !


HALLELUJA! It’s bearded space alien Jesus in a leisure suit is awesome at karate!

YouTuber theSadistVideos explains this 1986 ride:

A bearded ‘superman’ with no powers comes to earth in a powder-blue velour tracksuit to drive a silver dune buggy into an unrelated blaxploitation film about urban literacy. Appropriately released under two titles, this is Alien Warrior / King of the Streets !

The reviews are thrilling:

imagine if you took the Christ myth, mixed it with a healthy dose of porn, against a backdrop of bad sci-fi blackxploitation(brotha from another planet like) throw in a dash of after school special, and lots of really bad kung fu fighting. oh and some decent break dancing. with an awesome casio keyboard soundtrack.

and some how they make this even worse than you could imagine. there are at least 4 rape scenes, at least one great car explosion, a buff black guy running around in his undies with an Uzi.

add alcohol and this is the perfect movie.



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