8 Highly Suggestive Vintage Ads



“Skip the booze, the grass, the soft music…”

In other words – you no longer have to get a girl wasted to have sex with her.  Just let Bawawa clothing cloud her judgement for you.





“Two fingers is all it takes”

Hmmmm….. I think I’m going to refrain from commenting on this one, and move right along…





That water looks a bit nipply to me.





What a dirty mind you have. It’s just an innocent picture of a guy squirting something, ah,… into, ah,… never mind.






Perhaps, “Funk me all over” would’ve been a better slogan, but the point is still made.  Blank cassette tapes make beautiful models hot and bothered.





Yep.  I’m sure you’re thinking exactly what I’m thinking.  So, nothing needs to be said here.  Next…





I guess we are to assume he is their volleyball coach and is getting his girls wasted on tequila.  I would expect a drunken beach orgy in his future, but I think his shorts are way to ball-achingly constrictive for that kind of activity.





This is my favorite of them all.  “Have a ball”…. really? She’s holding two ball shaped objects in her left hand, and also carries a long phallus under her arm. AND she has a quart of heavy cream!  Madison Avenue amazes me with their relentless innuendo. Well played “After Six”. Don Draper would be proud.

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