30 Dynamite Motorcycle Ads from the Seventies

About a year ago we brought you motorcycle advertising from sixties featuring Groovy Chicks Selling Motorbikes.  This time around, let’s have a look at those sexy and sexist motorcycle (and motorcycle accessory) ads from the seventies (up to 1980).  Enjoy.


June 1980

May 1977

April 1979

Ducati – September 1980

November 1974

Harley Davidson (September 1980)

April 1978

KAWASAKI KZ550 – 1980

Harley-Davidson SX-250 – 1978

Ducati – September 1978

Ducati 1973

April 1979

April 1979

August 1977


Harley Davidson – The Great American Freedom Machines (1975)

July 1978

June 1977

April 1979

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