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Trucker Magazine Calendar Girls of the 1970s

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We recently took a tour through the 1972-1973 issues of that glorious trucker magazine, Overdrive.  The old trucks were nice, but clearly the main attraction was the ladies. Most issues featured a “Date of the Month” – a girl bestowed the great honor of being on the cover and calendar of a trucker magazine.

Let’s meet some of Overdrive’s Dates of the Month from 1974-1976.  It’s an interesting look at the styles and “the look” that made trucker’s heads turn in the 1970s…

May 1974


As you’ll see – GIGANTIC platform shoes were “IN” among trucker ladies.


The back of a trucker’s cab in the 1970s couldn’t have been the cleanest place in the world to be in.

June 1974


I love how you can see the top of the cover photographer’s shadow in the picture.  Truckers weren’t really concerned with polishing things up for print.



July 1974


It looks like this poor gal is sitting in a stagnant puddle by the side of the rode.  Kinda gross.


Oh, look.  She’s feather-dusting the cab.  A clean truck is a happy truck.  We wouldn’t want any cigarette ash and cocaine to dirty up the place.


August 1974



“Most of Maxine’s clothes are home made, by the way, as is obvious by the way they cling to her 37-26-37 curves.”


January 1975


This month’s Date of the Month gets shafted – she’s not on the cover, nor does she get a photo spread.  The writers provide an explanation: “…we think just one photo of Sandy is all the excitement our male readers could stand this early in the year.”

Februrary 1975



March 1975


Man, dig those platform shoes!


April 1975



June 1975


“Since, on April 18, 1975, U.S. Senator George McGovern made the statement that the truckers of America who protested the energy crisis were the true heirs of the Boston Tea Party, we thought it was appropriate to continue our freedom theme for the months of June, July and August.”

July 1975


February 1976



August 1976

August1976DateMaster2 August1976DateMaster1

Suffice it to say, sales for bras and braziers were way down in the mid seventies.

December 1976


Well, there are still four more years left of the 70s, but I think we’ve more than exceeded the internet’s allowable levels of trucks and bra-less seventies chicks.  Until next time.

  • tjedison

    Brassiere. A “brazier”is “a portable heater consisting of a pan or stand for holding lighted coals.”

    • timdub70

      Also, Brazier was a sub-brand of Dairy Queens that had a grill back in the 70s. Dairy Queen before that was seen as a place to get ice cream or something cold.

  • TN Traveler

    Someone was packing some nice headlights in those pictures!

  • njguy54

    Just about the only good things to come out of the 70s were these fashions. And some of us are waiting very patiently for them to make a comeback.

  • Ellis Tomago

    Whoever got to date these ladies were some lucky brother truckers.

  • BOB®

    I would pay for this content.

  • Freakanatcha

    Hey, what gives? No white go-go boots?