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Swedish Dance Bands Of The 1970s: Whipped Hair And No Underwear

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ABBA was not the only Swedish band to emerge in the 1970s.  A myriad of bands had the whipped hair, trousers tight enough to make redundant questions on shoe sizes and songs. They had outfits that shimmered and shone.

Never mind the sounds, cop a load of the clothes on the bands’ album covers. These were the clothes the groups thoughts they looked best in. These were the poses the record company knew – just knew – would make the bands a hit. Abba would be the first of a new wave of Swedish hitmakers. Nothing could prevent it.

And here they are those Svenska Dansbands of the 1970s. Look out or the bands with just one female member. Identify her and win a date.






Toyvonns Toreson Thoir swedish music swedish music  10 swedish music  8 swedish music  7 swedish music  6 swedish music  5 swedish music  4 swedish music  2 swedish music  1 svenska dansband Siden Pelles Peders patrix Monka Inger Hick Gulbla gert Four-Seven de06dc6429a05611c9b1bfd0585fa42274e3a316_m dansband_19964868 Dansband 4 Dalmasarno D1431-Birgits












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  • Alistair Burns

    Schytts used to do a great cover of Abba’s Super Trouper “feeling like a number one”

    • Anoraks

      ha. The old super Pooper

  • Alistair Burns

    Sarah Lund looks younger in her Ole Dole Doff days.

  • Grace Fahlstedt

    Please help me, I am trying to find a song that was popular is Sweden, summer of maybe 1971 or 1972,I think. In any case it was an early summer pop top 40 type song. the chorus lyrics began(in my poor Swedish) Dagne com hit och spill Dagne fem droppar til. etc. does anyone remember this song? If so,I am desperate to find it. Please let me know the name of the band,the title, and how I can hear it and get the lyrics please!

    • Lars Hoel

      A Google search on the lyrics brought up “Dagny” by Ove Törnqvist

  • marishka1

    Holy God. Are all Swedish men (and 3/4 of the women) incredibly ugly? Or just Swedish musicians?