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Intoxicating Album Covers: Boozing It Up on Vintage Vinyl

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Let’s have a look at a selection of odd and perhaps lesser-known album covers from yesteryear – all featuring alcohol of all varieties.  Whether it’s beer, wine or the hard stuff, records and drinking have a long tradition of working well together. Enjoy.

vintage album cover alcohol (2)

Eric looks absolutely hammered.  Someone get Mr. Gentry a cup of coffee and a ride home, pronto!

vintage album cover alcohol (1)

Note to the ladies: If you’ve been drinking enough to be considered “knockers up”, you may want to slow down a tad.

vintage album cover alcohol (3)

There’s nothing sexier than a drunk woman in exotic headwear singing “Web Footed Friends”.

vintage album cover alcohol (5)

I hope someone wipes down the bar after she’s through.  Also – I like how they included the footstool she used to climb up on the bar.  A nice touch.

vintage album cover alcohol (6)

Any clue why every track is listed as “slow”?

vintage album cover alcohol (7)

Blondie needs to stop nursing that round and catch up with the redhead, whose clearly already sloshed.

vintage album cover alcohol (8)

If the number of drinks you’ve had is proportional to poor posture, this lady’s “jober as a sudge” as they say.

vintage album cover alcohol (9)

Signs you may have had too much to drink: You are topless with grape leaves stuck in your hair.

vintage album cover alcohol (10)

For those that think sleazy lyrics are new: take note – we’ve been singing along to raunchy tunes since man learned to ferment his grapes.

vintage album cover alcohol (13)

Tip of the day: Don’t ever invite Hugo and Luigi to your kids’ birthday parties. They can be a bit loud and tend to break things.

alcohol vintage vinyl

The girl on the left is clearly hogging all the mats.  Some people get selfish when they drink.

vintage album cover alcohol (14)

I don’t know if I included this fella in the Vinyl Studs post, but he needs to be.

vintage album cover alcohol (11)

Look, I’m all about having fun and having one-too-many… but this is just awkward.


vintage album cover alcohol (12)

It’s not a party until the men with shiny turquoise sweaters show up.

vintage album cover alcohol (24)

It’s not what it looks like.  She’s actually just dropping an antacid in his drink.  Charlie has terrible heartburn.

vintage album cover alcohol (15)

You can tell exactly what drink she’s on: She’s on the “Oh, crap.  I have to get up early to work tomorrow…. oh, fuck it – bottoms up!” drink.

vintage album cover alcohol (16)

To the girl with the black headband: Usually, friends don’t start writing on your face until you’ve passed out.  This is a bad sign of things to come.

vintage album cover alcohol (25)

I love gold doubloon necklaces.

vintage album cover alcohol (17)

I like the cover, I really do… but it might’ve been better without the tongue – not the best look.

And another from the Frau Wirtin collection…

vintage album cover alcohol (18)

vintage album cover alcohol (19)

Gee, do you think they have enough booze to get them through the evening?  If you need that much “liquid courage” to get in the sack, you may want to rethink things.

vintage album cover alcohol (20)

Umm… I think Lisa is officially off the wagon.

vintage album cover alcohol (21)

Juan is livin’ the dream – just sippin’ his wine while his woman irons his clothes in a miniskirt.  Life is good.

vintage vinyl drinking alcohol

Next time, you may not want to order the 75 ounce bottle of Steve Francis moonshine.  It’s a bit much on an empty stomach.

vintage album cover alcohol (23)

Bruno made a lot of poor decisions in his life… choosing this bar was not one of them.

vintage album cover alcohol (22)

You can’t see her other arm, but I think it’s dialing 9-1-1.

vintage vinyl tequila

Okay, I’m cutting you off here.  I think you’ve had enough.  Until next time!

  • njguy54

    The Mad Men generation certainly had its share of problems… but damn, did they know how to party!

  • Freakanatcha

    Quite a bit to unpack in the first photo. One guy is lifting another guy off the floor by his jacket collar. Another guy behind the bar and one the far right notice how their friend is ready to throw up in the lady’s hand, but rather than step in, they seem more curious about who wins the wager.

  • Charlie is a great “yacht rock” band. I recently downloaded some of their music. Most of their LPs had a sexy babe on the cover. I haven’t downloaded any songs from that one, but I always remember seeing it in record stores. The great thing about the Internet is you can listen to this music and say, “Hey, that is good. I want a copy of that.”

    I also think Latin countries don’t pay attention to our copyright laws, because that photo of the girl chugging the golden moonshine jug on the cover of Super Fiesta LP is the same one that is on the cover of The Best of Black Oak Arkansas.