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A Merry Mundane Christmas from the 1950s

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Christmas 1957

Mundane Christmas 1957

Christmas 1957 family on sofa

Christmas 1952

Christmas 1953 band

Christmas 1957 2

Christmas man with pipe 1957

Line up of kids on floor Christmas 1957

Christmas 1953 3 girls lined up

Christmas 1953 television

Christmas 1958

Christmas 1958 b

Christmas 1955 guns

Sally posing, xmas 1954

Christmas in 1957 4 women

Christmas 1960 woman on floor

  • Tim

    Very awesome!

  • marine43

    Mundane hell. That was great!!!

  • Craig Hochscheid

    No more mundane than Christmas today. In fact it looks much more peaceful and less commercial. No Black Fridays, etc etc.

    • Rob Baker

      Completely agree.

  • These photos are fab – And I wants that clown toy in the third pic!

  • 98ZJUSMC

    Mundane? Well, yes because Christmas now is so…….well. if you’re allowed to call it Christmas without some aggrieved sub-human with parental issues whining about being offended.