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30 1970s Men’s Fashion Adverts That Cannot Be Unseen

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Men’s fashion is the gift that keeps on giving. Until armour becomes ubiquitous, men will continue to struggle.

As the great Yeoman says on these pages, ‘Before launching into the typical “Oh, aren’t those Seventies fashions so terrible” spiel, let’s get one thing out of the way: 70s’ fashions are an easy target because they took chances.” And drugs. In a man-sized onesie. And, like wife-swappers in a Hollywood whirlpool, these men moved on quickly. Had these style seekers not grasped adventure by the balls and squeezed it into Mick Jagger’s bucket ‘n’ spade we’d all still be wearing denim leisure suits. And that can’t help anyone.


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1970s male fashion

kickin jeans





australia bond's



1970s male fashion

advert 19 1970s

golden sands

1970s men fashion 1970s men fashion advert 6 1970s advert 5 1970s advert 4 1970s 1970s men fashion 1970s men fashion advert 1 1970s

Spotters: EatLiverAllThatIsIntersting.

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  • Archie Dux

    I wish I could still buy a mint green, mix-n-match liesure suit.

    • Princessofmirth

      My dad had one until 2005!

      • flashbakcom

        Any photos to share with us?

        • Princessofmirth

          I do, but my scanner is out of commission! I’ll see what. I can do.

          • Def Aced

            please please please deliver

    • Jimmie Robinson

      I had one and can’t find one photo of me in it…I was one cool cat…

    • Rosie46

      Or pink!!!!

  • Princessofmirth

    Can’t get over the yellow fortran outfit with the pimp hat.
    Sadly, this was what they were wearing when i was born (1973).

  • The4thStooge

    Whenever I think that the 70s weren’t that long ago, I look at ads like these. There was something about that era that made it seem dated even while it was going on–at least that’s what it seemed like to me. Granted, I can only remember bits of 1977, more of 1978, and quite a bit of 1979, but I remember laughing at bell bottoms. Of course, the 80s really couldn’t laugh at anything…fluorescent green t-shirts, Swatches, and leg warmers for all!

  • Ed Freeman

    I was in my thirties during the seventies. Nobody I knew wore clothes like that. I never even saw those fashions, if you can call them that, on the street. Everybody I knew wore jeans and tee shirts, not much different from today. Those designers were catering to clueless, wannabe hipsters in small towns in the midwest. They were the butt of jokes back then, same as they are now.

    • Mary Kaye

      Where the heck did you live? I saw guys wearing this stuff all the time, especially the high-waisted pimp-clothing, at the mall by the navy base. Usually they had a pimp hat and a fur coat, too. Swear to god.

      • Rosie46

        They were pimps!! LOL

    • AlbertCat

      I only saw these looks occasionally in high school and college. But what gets me about fashion shoots then is how tight everything is. Yes, jeans were tight-ish (with bell bottoms), but nothing like skinny jeans today. You wore your shirt tucked in, but never that tight! And Levis with button flies were as ubiquitous as Dingo boots….with the metal ring!

      • SCOTT

        I still have my Dingo boots. My feet haven’t grown the way my waistline has.

      • Katriana

        actually we called those tight jeans, corduroys, and striped bell bottoms ball crushers, and the guys did wear them, I was born in 64, and lived in different states growing up.

    • cconover1

      Born in 64, my mother bought me a lot of clothes that looked like that. Not the sweater stuff, but the print pants, especially. I had bell bottoms too.

    • Willow Silverhawk

      I totally remember these fashions. Everyone wore them. And I lived in a small midwestern town. I’m not sure who you were hanging out with. I was in my early teens, and it was definitely what everyone wore.

  • Richard Palmer

    I was in my teens in the 70’s. If it didn’t have this logo. It just didn’t get worn.

    • Sean O’Neal

      W36 L34… as a teen…

      • Jaiden Everett

        501s are shrink to fit, which necessitates buying them in a bigger size.

      • Richard Palmer

        Stock photo. 😉 but yes. I am a big person.

  • Ah, yes the 70’s… dorks & pimps… we’re so much cooler now – we got hipsters!

  • Def Aced

    $20 for a pair of pants during the 70’s, that was a lot of money.

  • AlbertCat

    I’ll take the suede leather jacket loaded with fringe right now!….espsecially for $25!!!!!

  • Holly Hayes

    How humanity managed to survive through this without dying of shame is beyond me.

  • Ronald

    Somebody please rip out my eyes, set them on fire and stomp on them! AAAAHHHHH!!!!! Seriously though? Women in the 70’s were hot….the guys? Not so much.

  • yllas

    I lived in a good sized city in the 70’s and never saw much of this silliness. It MAY have been the thing in larger cities, but you have to understand it takes a while for fashion to filter down to the masses from their betters, no matter what era. That is why you see guys with greasy ducktails who look like Sha-Na-Na rejects in the 60’s, when in more advanced areas they are wearing long hair and bell bottoms. Give them 5-10 years, the hippie look moved on, but in Tennessee or Arkansas, they finally get the newest fringed vests and Frye boot…. And it always makes me laugh to see, say, a pink polyester pantsuit on some guy, some over the top thing, and an admiring female stuck into that ad. As if to say, ‘look! you can wear this! you won’t look gay! wimmen love it, wimmen loves the fashions! look, there’s one in the ad, that makes it all right!’

  • MuchMoreToLearn

    How could anyone know who the pimps were back then?!

  • M J

    Those polyester shirts used to stink when the guys sweated!

  • Jerry

    Hey! No making fun of those fringed, leather jackets! I used to have one, and they were the coolest! (Of course I don’t advocate leather and fur products now)…

  • Highland Fashionista

    This is the BEST collection of 70s clothes for men I’ve seen in a while. I love the For Whom the Bells Toll advert…total Blue Steel going on.

  • johncnnj

    Y’all needed to visit the clubs in the 70’s and early 80’s…Just another night at Starship Discovery or Leviticus.

  • EAB

    Midnight Cowboy, much?

  • deprivedfed

    Being from Detroit, I remember all of these clothes. You know at least their A$$ w2as not hanging out. Some clothes are moving back to these styles, not colors. There is only so much you can do with clothes.

  • The first handsome model is Jim Hutton, Timothy Hutton’s father, best known for his 1975-1976 TV series, “Ellery Queen”. He died in 1979. My own father, rest his soul, loved wearing those silky patterned shirts (“Lively Look Livelier!”), but he only ever went for simple denim bell-bottoms, thank goddess!

  • BT7design

    The strange bit is listening to people make fun of these…while they are wearing a dirty t-shirt, shorts or old sweatpants, and pink see-through crocs. Stay classy America.