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20 Mid-Century Christian Ventriloquism Albums

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In the 1950s and 1960s Christian teachers turned to ventriloquism to teach kids about Jesus. They made albums:


thrush butch and suzi jesus macy  Howdy Doody's Christmas Party treesAdventures of Uncle Cousin Little Marcy Sings to Toddlers Timmy gods chosen puppet The Miracle Uncle D randy dandy amen  uncle les dummies 543  dummies 32 dummies 11 dummies 8


  • NGO

    Okay, the Howdy-Doody cover was a cheap shot.

  • Mack Bonham

    1) Mrs. John Bishop is obviously Mr. John Bishop in a wig. Seriously, look at those two and tell me I’m wrong.

    2) It’s cliche to say but it’s still true: Clarabell is the stuff of nightmares

  • Freakanatcha

    Is it me or is there something disturbing about Beverly Massegee and Erick? What is the age of consent for a puppet?

  • vmacek

    But, the whole point of ventriloquism is lost on an audio recording, right?

  • Simon Fay

    Any sound-clips? Mind you, the covers alone are disturbing enough.

  • whipnet


  • Teegester

    Howdy Doody and Paul Winchell? Christian albums?

  • Daniel Vance

    Evangelist John Bishop up there looks like Flea from The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

  • Liam White

    Pretty scary stuff if you ask me…..

  • Chuck Sands

    The most terrifying thing I’ve seen on this site