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1970s Lee Adverts from Denim Leisure Suit Hell

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denim hell (1)

In the mid-Seventies, Lee began a series of magazine ads all featuring a dude in front of a simple background of one bold color. I’m not sure how successful the campaign was, but given that it lasted to the end of the decade, it probably worked pretty well.

They are memorable ads without being controversial or overtly sexual. It was all part of the company’s master plan to break out from the work clothes business and into fashion conscious casual styles. Today, Lee makes its clothes in sweatshops in India and spends 40 million per year on advertising; however, it owes a large part of its success to these ads in the Seventies which transitioned their image from work overalls to JC Penney leisurewear.


denim hell (4)

A mustard yellow ensemble.  Classy.


denim hell (6)

Beau De Labarre, Vinnie Barbarino’s replacement on “Welcome Back, Kotter”


denim hell (7)

What’s going on here?  Did he just step in dog shit?


denim hell (8)

You’ve just gotta respect a man bold enough to wear the Swiss Precision suit.


denim hell (3)


denim hell (2)

And just in case you haven’t had enough denim…


denim hell (5)


  • Jason Shepherd

    Sorta looks like a parade of all the guys ever sent to rough up Jim Rockford or Barnaby Jones.