Sexist Computer Adverts In The 1960s, 1970s & 1980s

IN the 1960s and 1970s, women had big hair and big computers. They also had short skirts. The men had trousers, and jobs that meant they had to peer over the women’s screens to check the ladies’ work. The women are all smiling. The men appear thoughtful. Everyone looks like they’re trapped in a box:


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screen-shot-2013-01-21-at-12-50-13 screen-shot-2013-01-21-at-12-49-47 screen-shot-2013-01-21-at-12-53-54 screen-shot-2013-01-21-at-12-53-07 screen-shot-2013-01-21-at-12-54-02 screen-shot-2013-01-21-at-12-56-40 screen-shot-2013-01-21-at-13-00-12 screen-shot-2013-01-21-at-12-57-21 screen-shot-2013-01-21-at-12-59-14 screen-shot-2013-01-21-at-12-51-01 screen-shot-2013-01-21-at-12-54-17 screen-shot-2013-01-21-at-12-55-48 screen-shot-2013-01-21-at-12-52-33 screen-shot-2013-01-21-at-12-51-12 screen-shot-2013-01-21-at-12-54-41 screen-shot-2013-01-21-at-12-49-37 screen-shot-2013-01-21-at-12-51-57 screen-shot-2013-01-21-at-12-53-16 screen-shot-2013-01-21-at-12-52-22


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