Vintage Photos of Ladies Stepping Out from the Driver’s Seat

A wise man once said, “Get outta my dreams, and into my car.”  And it is in this spirit, that we bring you vintage images of ladies in the driver’s seat, going in and out of their cars.  Some come from dusty old magazines, others from anonymous found photographs – all depicting that familiar image of a gal stepping out from behind the wheal.  Sort of gets one all misty-eyed…

vintage lady in car 6

vintage lady getting out of car

Love that Charlie’s Angels hair style.  Much better look than the head scarf…

vintage lady getting out of car 2

For years the paparazzi have been obsessed at getting a glimpse of a celeb emerging from her limousine (often for nothing more than a cheap upskirt).  But here, we’re looking at your “un-famous” folk – often unnamed ladies from yesteryear.

vintage lady getting out of car 4

vintage rascal magazine

vintage lady getting out of car 3

vintage woman in car 3

vintage ladies behind the wheel

vintage lady getting out of car 5

vintage girls in their cars

vintage lady in car 5





vintage woman in car 2

vintage lady behind the wheel 3

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