Swearing Peppa Pig Presents The World’s Rudest Toys



PEPPA Pig was in the news again this week, and once again the news wasn’t good. Following previous complaints about her disrespectful and naughty behaviour, there are now claims that one of the characters in her DVD used the f-word, and that this has caused a young Welsh child to use the same foul curse.

In the event, it turned out that the actual word in question was ‘rocking’, but the pronunciation left enough ambiguity to cause mischief. Judge for yourself…


This brought back traumatic memories of the notorious talking mouse, manufactured in China for Humatt of Dorset, which was withdrawn in 2009 after its rendition of ‘Jingle Bells’ was accused of sounding like ‘Paedophiles’. Distributors said that the man whose voice was used had difficulty pronouncing certain sounds, and the recording had been speeded up. But by then the damage was done…



In 2006, the Little Mermaid Shimmering Lights Ariel doll was in trouble after a Californian mother claimed it said: ‘You’re a slut!’

Mattel disputed this, but Stephanie Oppenheim, of Oppenheim Toy Portfolio fame, tested the claim. She said that she too heard the word, but only when listening closely.




In 1998, Playskool launched this Po Talking Doll, based on one of the Teletubbies. As well as other inappropriate language, Po was said to use the phrase ‘bite my butt’ and was swiftly withdrawn.




Polly the parrot, on the other hand, remained defiant in her rudeness…



As did the scatological Rude Ralph…



And as for Mr Rude… Well, we’ve come to expect the worst from this misanthropic miscreant…



Nominations for other foul-mouthed toys of note, are, as ever, invited…


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