Saucy Vintage Pictures From The Novelty Arcade Photo Booth

What do we call the painted boards with holes people push their head through to becomes someone else? Head in the hole? Face in the hole? Some collectors call them the The Novelty Photo Booth. In this gallery we see people having fun playing at dressing up – and undressing up. some of these pictures are saucy.  Taken between the 1940s and 1970s, these photographs are great fun.

If that’s your grandmother topless on the back of an elephant, or your uncle peeping though the bathroom window, please let us know:


souvenir photos san francisco arcade 1 souvenir photos san francisco arcade 45

souvenir photos san francisco arcade 32 souvenir photos san francisco arcade 9
   souvenir photos san francisco arcade 2 souvenir photos san francisco arcade
beach arcade 989 beach arcade 54
beach arcade 1121 beach arcade 88 beach arcade 43 Vintage Arcade 78
Vintage Arcade 65 beach arcade 111
beach arcade 22 beach arcade 12 beach arcade 11 beach 6 beach 4

beach 6
novelty photos






beach arcade 9

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