Saucy cartoon jokes in vintage adult girlie magazines

WITH names like Adam, Bachelor, Caper, Cavalier, Click, Dude, Duke, Frolic, Knight, Nugget, Rake, Scamp and Stingers, American adult magazines in the 1950s and 1960s appealed to a thrusting blades’ sense of value, self-esteem, lofty ideals and swordsmanship. (Photos here.) The mags featured the usual cheesrcake photos of thrusting model posing in nude. But amidst them were cartoons, funnies featuring buxom woman in the presence of randy men.

High Magazine 1959

Adam 1965

Bacherlor 1968

Cavalier 1964

Cavalier 1964

High 1959. Such were and still are attitudes to rape.

High 1959

High 1959

Playboy – 11 great cartoons from yesteryear

The adverts they featured

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