Patterns Of Chaos: Artist Makes Stunning Aerial Photos Of Earth

German photographer Stephan Zirwes’ aerial photographs are superb. Peering down on natural and manmade settings from 10,000 feet, he lends us a God’s eye view of our lives on Earth. Nothing has been staged. What you see is life in the early 21st Century from a new angle. The results are mesmerising.

(The pools are in Germany. The industry series is made in the Ruhr area of Germany around Essen and Dortmund. Snow is made in the Austrian Alps.)


080607YS9Q3959_flatten steg-malle060607_7780_flatt

babybecken BB_40x30_12C1049 Botnanger MTV_12C1215
Freibad BB_12C1031 inselbad-sprungturm_12C1303
killesberg_40x30-12C1239 Leo Sprungturm2_12C1185
Leuze_12C1290 mineralbad BB_-40x30-12C1043 möhringer freibad_40x30_12C1367 sifi kinderbecken_12C1126
Sifi Nordbecken-40x30_12C1146 sifi schwimmer_40x30-12C1149
sifi sprungbecken-40x30_12C1124 Vaihinger bad-40x30_12C1349 Vaihinger kinderbecken-2_12C1341 pic1_snow12-engadin_76x76_0059 pic2_schatten-sessellift_4828 pic3_piste-lift2_4770 pic4_snow10-76x76_YS9Q3947 pic5_piste-skifahrer4770 pic6_tiefschneeYS9Q0164b pic7_doppel-schleppYS9Q4078-c pic8_buggelpisteYS9Q0032 pic9_gruppeaufpisteYS9Q3993 pic10_sessel-gondelYS9Q3979 pic11_boarderparkYS9Q3987b pic12_engadin-76x76_1210184 pic13_montafon-ys9q4004-flatten2b pic14_boarder_4832 pic15_piste zickzack_4759

pdf-skimarathon_R8F0599_unten pdf-32_aufstiegsreihe3_cf005646


web-szi01-02YS9Q2624 web-szi03-04_Y8W0104 web-szi05-06YS9Q0309 web-szi07-08_Y8W4087 web-szi09-10_S9Q4199 web-26lkwdach30-07 web-33autos_12C0276 zones 01_container glühend-krupp_1211697 rote fabrik_1211816 web-18container28-8flat web-24kisten30-07



Via: Stephan Zirwes



via VSL

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