Para Todos Covers: Brazil’s Gorgeous 1920s Art Deco Style Magazine

Brazil’s Para Todos magazine, under the direction of José Carlos (July 18, 1884 – October 2, 1950), epitomises the 1920s, the age of art deco, flappers and jazz.

Old magazines are precious tools for getting to know the past. Perhaps because they have not been designed to last as long as the books, they bring a fresh and clear picture of an era. These icons of contemporary pop culture show the fashions dressed, food, concerns, entertainment of the day.

Para Todos nails it. The covers are sublime.



PAra Todos magazine para-todos-viii-393-26-junho-1926-copy-21

para-todos-viii-390-5-junho-1926-copy-16 para-todos-ix-422-15-janeiro-1927-copy-11
para-todos-ix-425-05-fevereiro-1927-copy-12 para-todos-ix-426-12-fevereiro-1927-copy-9
para-todos-ix-428-26-fevereiro-1927-copy-8 para-todos-ix-431-19-marc%cc%a7o-1927-copy-7 para-todos-ix-436-23-abril-1927-copy-6 para-todos-ix-441-28-maio-1927-copy-5
para-todos-ix-445-25-junho-1927-copy-4 para-todos-ix-452-13-agosto-1927-copy-3
para-todos-ix-460-8-outubro-1927-copy-1 para-todos-ix-462-22-outubro-1927-copy-2 para-todos-viii-386-8-maio-1926-copy-24 para-todos-viii-387-15-maio-1926-copy-23 para-todos-viii-388-22-maio-1926-copy-19 para-todos-viii-389-29-maio-1926-copy-20 para-todos-viii-391-12-junho-1926-copy-22 para-todos-viii-394-3-julho-1926-copy-18 para-todos-viii-395-10-julho-1926-copy-17 para-todos-viii-406-25-setembro-1926-copy-13 para-todos-viii-409-16-outubro-1926-copy-14

para todos magazine Jose Carlos para todos buster keaton

para todos para-todos-1927-flapper para-todos-1927 para-todos-1926 para-todos pra todos magazione brazil brasil

para todos magazine

para todos magazine

Via JotaCarlosJ Carlos Project, Messy Nessy

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