Noel Edmonds And More Ungodly Horrors: When Radio DJs Invaded The Pop Charts

YOU may or may not be aware, Noel Edmonds is making his way to the pop charts with an unlikely appearance in a dance track (warning, it is rather abrasive).

You can hear it below. Of course, he’s not the first radio DJ to have a stab at the charts, so with that, let us look at some of the weird and wonderful moments in pop music when radio jockeys ended up in the beast they presided over.

Noel Edmonds

Candice Cannes’ Are You Ready features Noel Edmonds in his Deal Or No Deal guise while a woman mutters nonsense in a seductive voice.

Mr Blobby’s terrible hit

Of course, the previous track isn’t Noel Edmond’s first foray into pop. He gave us Mr Blobby. Who can forget this woeful euro-popper? Mr Blobby now, of course, lives in a retired mascots home in Kent, drugged out of his mind on sedatives.


Dave Lee Travis

Disgraced DLT appeared in the charts with the unfathomable Laurie Lingo and the Dipsticks. In a parody of Convoy, he blurted on in a Scouse accent and actually performed the track dressed like a Ninja chicken.


John Peel

John Peel has put a number of records out when he set up the record label Dandelion. However, even though he obviously didn’t play with The Faces on Rod Stewart’s Maggie May, how could we deny ourselves the chance to see him messing about on a mandolin on TOTP again?


Tony Blackburn

Tony, of course, would have done anything to be famous, so it is no surprise that he tried his hand at being a singer. Check this out.


Terry Wogan

There is very little that needs saying about Terry Wogan’s The Floral Dance other than a) It is pretty awful and b) It was rereleased with a dance beat for some inexplicable reason.


Richard Blackwood

Choice FM’s Richard Blackwood may well be best known for his televised coffee enema or smelling like hammers while getting mugged off on Brass Eye, but once upon a time, he was releasing a song called 1234 Get With The Wicked.


Gloria Hunniford

Radio 2 fave and lovely lady, Gloria Hunniford, once did a storming 60s girlgrouper called Are You Ready For Love? It was never goin to take over the world, but certainly one of the better records released by a radio jock.


Mike Read

Mike Read is friends with Sir Cliff and has penned a bunch of musicals no-one watched, so it isn’t surprising that he has released a record or two. The most interesting (although, not great) is The Trainspotters High Rise, where the mild-mannered DJ went ‘a bit punk’.


Steve Wright

Surpreme irritant Steve Wright is well known for his sketches on his afternoon shows, and one of them spawned Arnee & the Terminators, which you can never unhear below.


Pat Sharp

Pat Sharp is clearly a good bloke and he appeared in a video for Manchester band The Shinies, with their song Ennui. They play noisy dreampop while the former Fun House host gets kidnapped and beaten up. Good work Pat.

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