Marijuana Apparel & Other Cannabis Inspired Goodies from the 1970s

Marijuana inspired greeting cards and T-shirts

To say marijuana was big in the seventies may very well be the biggest understatement of all time.  Weed was everywhere.  There was no stigma, and precious little legal consequence.  Plus, the music, movies, and popular culture as a whole promoted it beyond anything we could imagine today.

Let’s have a look at some advertisements for marijuana products from those days.  From T-shirts to wallpaper to coloring books – weed was truly all around you.

For Bicentennial fun, see: Bicentennial Madness of 1976

When you’ve wallpapered your living room with marijuana leaves, and are playing a marijuana board game, you know your love for weed has gone a bit too far.

I get it – it’s not specifically for marijuana.  But we all know why people would buy the Healthpipe, and it wasn’t to smoke Marlboros.