Jambes Et Attitudes: Photos From A 1930 French Sex Magazine

In 1930 for a mere 15 francs, the French could take home a copy of Jambes et Attitudes, a magazine for women’s legs enthusiasts. These pictures are from Issue 1, published in July 1930. A few years later, American leg fans could learn ‘How a Wife Should Undress‘.

Paris was ever the fashion leader…


ambes et attitudes, Jambes et cinema, jambes nues et bas de soie, jambes et dentelles. Nos 1(Juillet 1930) à 4(1er Mai 1931).‎


Jambes Et Attitudes 7


The black ice is very treacherous; it is the enemy of the Parisienne because it makes you fall down at the most unexpected moment, but the black ice is the good fortune of the true Parisienne, who misses nothing of the accidental show.


Jambes Et Attitudes 9


The director is never bored as he ogles the showgirls. Checking out their legs is a perk of the job.


Paris-Photo No. 1: Jambes et Attitudes

Paris-Photo No. 1: Jambes et Attitudes


Jambes Et Attitudes 787


Every woman in 1930 Paris waited around like this.


Jambes Et Attitudes 5


This is how a young lady warms her nether regions in Paris. Fact.


Via: Dangerous Minds, The Mouth And Knife

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