House & Garden (November 1973)

House & Garden (November 1973) lead


This is what you call a distinguished gentleman of the 70s: pipe, jaunty pose, corduroy jacket, ‘stache, and two pretty maidens at his feet. If he’s got a a grandfather clock, then by God, I’m getting one.

Here’s a selection of pages from the November 1973 issue of Home & Garden. Enjoy.


House & Garden (November 1973)

Well, we’re off to a good start. Laz-Z-Boy’s selection of buxom milkmaid in short skirt as their model for Early Americana is a fine choice.

House & Garden (November 1973) 1

To say “orange was a popular color in the 1970s” would be quite an understatement. Only brown could rival it.


House & Garden (November 1973) 2


In 1973 appliance advertisements were still directed squarely towards women. That being said, Thermadore’s ad campaign around this time targeted a new segment of the market: the male….


House & Garden (November 1973) 3


This one’s pretty tame. However, some of these ads featuring “Mel” Cooley (Richard Deacon), the balding producer from the Dick Van Dyke Show, could be fairly risque – with some heavy duty cheesecake.


House & Garden (November 1973) 5


A symphony of rust and brown more like.


House & Garden (November 1973) 6


Denim furniture and accessories; brilliant.


House & Garden (November 1973) 7


“…You can plan your tan through rain, hail, sleet, snow or the darkness of night…… You can have your own ‘solar system’ all year long.”


House & Garden (November 1973) 8


A few photos of an uber trendy 70s pad…


House & Garden (November 1973) 9


House & Garden (November 1973) 10 House & Garden (November 1973) 11



House & Garden (November 1973) 12


Those randy Baby Boomers were starting to grow up and get married in ’73. Time to market home furnishings to the ex-hippies. All You Need Is Love… and a new dinette set.

In the back of the magazine are few odd and interesting little ads…


House & Garden (November 1973) 14


Hey, it’s smaller than an iPhone 6.


House & Garden (November 1973) 15


House & Garden (November 1973) 16


This is actually a full page ad. Just put on some Troy Cory in your waterbed’s built-in quadrophonic stereo, and let the lovin’ begin.


House & Garden (November 1973) 17


The “Demi-Bra answers all your needs for the new, liberated, sensuous fashions.”

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