Girl Watcher magazine of 1959 taught men how to stalk and ‘collect’ women – photos

IN 1959, men of a certain disposition could buy Girl Watcher magazine, the organ that invited punters to stop collecting bottle tops and start collecting women – “more ambitious Girl Watchers find it intriguing to bring home a specimen or two”. Another article invited readers to bone up on “Some Advanced Field Notes on Stalking The Girl”. Our hero finds twins – “He used one for frontal assaults, the other to bring up the rear”.

Horrible stuff, for sure. But was it serious? Jim Linderman says it was all means as a joke, a saucy parody on those 1950s pin-ups. Only two issues were printed. Neither were remotely funny. The aim might have been humour, but the resulting mess was hideous, missing the joke and ending up looking like a bad porn mag:

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