Garfield’s Primal Self: When The Cuddly Cartoon Cat Wanted To Rip Your Throat Out

ONE of our favourite sites is Garfield Without Garfield. We love the orange fur lunk but he can get a trying. What was he like before he became Garfield? Cats have nine lives, so what was Garfield like before? Garfield’s handler cartoonist Jim Davis thought about that. He created Primal Self, a look back explored further in the 1984 book Garfield: His 9 Lives:

* “Primal Self”: A cat named Tigger lives as an ordinary housecat until a memory from the past triggers a frightful transformation.




Primal Self did not feature in the 9 Lives cartoon special?


garfield nine lives



Look out! It’s Garfield the Killer Cat!




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Spotter: Jack’s Attic

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