Free Ambient Music From Blade Runner, Alien, Star Wars And Doctor Who To Aid Relaxation, Creativity And Deep Sleep

Blade runner music a


“Something nameless hums us into sleep,” wrote Mark Strand in his poem Dreams. “Withdraws, and leaves us in a place that seems always vaguely familiar.” Dreams unlock a path of cosmic creativity. In dreaming, noted author Stephen King, “our minds to unlock from the humdrum rational thinking of our daytime lives.”

You need to sleep. And thanks to YouTuber “Cheesy Nirvosa” you can chill out with the sound of  “longform space and scifi ambience” – aka “ambient geek sleep aids.” These looped pulsing sounds continue for 12 hours, ensuring a proper night’s sleep.



“Next time you see someone sleeping, make believe you’re in a science fiction movie. And whisper, ‘The creature is regenerating itself.”
― George Carlin, Brain Droppings





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