Choose Your Retro Haircut! Hair Style Selections from the 1950s-1980s

Date-bait, The Perfecto, Wethead, The Dry Look, The Proto-Mullet, the Forward-Combed Boogiie and many more vintage hair dos and hair don'ts

Let’s have a look through some vintage barbershop and hair salon guides and see how folks were sculpting their hair in decades past.  We’ll start with the fellas…

A guide from 1956.  What, no man-bun?

We can find a few early examples of the mullet in this 1970s barbershop guide.  A “proto mullet” if you will.  The guy in the third row, second from left, definitely wants more cowbell. Also, number 3 appears to be a Vulcan.

1973 – Am I crazy or does the “wethead” often look better than “the dry look” they’re pushing?


The Complete Book of Men’s Hairstyles and Hair Care  (1974) by Marion Rudoy  and Miriam Cordwell


Cockade (!), Date-Bait, Temp-Tress, or Cameo.  Take your pick.

(L) So, what’s it going to be –the Bambino, the Will-O’-Wisp?  Not exactly a variety as all are so-called “hair hoppers”.  (R) So, I’ll have three bows on the top of my head, please.

1968 Hair Style Options from Australian Women’s Weekly





1980 Cosmopolitan magazine. Are you a Lush Leonine or a Kicky Switch kind of girl?

Soviet hair style guide from 1987

Orange Coast Magazine 1984 – Featuring our newest style “Possessive Crazy-Eyed Psycho Girlfriend” modeled by the girl in back (probably clutching a knife).


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