These Boots Were Made for Gawking: 45 Vintage Pics of Women in Boots

The white patent leather go-go boot has become a fashion icon of the swinging sixties.  But all manner of boots, from calf-length stiletto to knee-length lace-ups, were the rage in the late 60s through most of the 70s.  Let’s  have a look at a random assembly of 45 vintage images from pop culture and found photographs – a heavenly hash from the golden age of the ladies’ boot.

(1) When it comes to choosing a dress to wear wither her black go-go boots, this lady is obviously partial to stripes.

(2) A girl in patent leather go-go boots riding a unicycle… not something you’re likely to run across very often.  You’re welcome.

(3) A couple 1974 issues of the Spanish language magazine, El Papus

(4) – (5)

(6) The lovely Caroline Munro


(8) From an episode of Jason King


(10) From a series of books called Understanding Human Behavior from the 1970s, from a section on crime.

(11) Detective magazines in the seventies were about as seedy and grimy as it gets.  Hence my massive collection.

(12) – (13) Sometimes, with these found photographs, I really wish I had a backstory.  Any ideas about this caped crusader in black leather boots?

(14) From a Yugoslavian magazine from 1969.  I told you I was going to deliver random pictures; you were warned.

(15) I think we may be getting into the early eighties here – a bit past our range.  I won’t complain if you won’t.

(16) Natalie Wood 1969

(17) Black thigh-high boots with garters to compliment a hot pink miniskirt… now that’s an interesting look.  I approve.

(18) Album cover boots

(19) Nothing sexual about this at all.  Just a lady eating a hot dog.  Get your mind out of the gutter.

(20) A young Kurt Russell

  (21) A couple 12″ featuring knee high boots

(22) Remember Spick & Span magazine? (That was a rhetorical question.  Of course you do.)


(24)  These boots were made for [censored]ing”

(25) Edwige Fenech – the greatest thing to come out of Italy since the meatball, (26)

(27) Mayfair magazine, 1969


(29) – (30) School must have been a hard place for guys to concentrate back in the early seventies – what with all those miniskirts and boots around every corner, behind every desk.  It’s a wonder these boys learned anything.

(31) – (32)

(33) Meanwhile, at the community college


(35) This picture actually came from a yearbook.  Something tells me she was in the popular crowd.  Just a hunch.


(37) Found photo dated 1967, (38)

(39) – (40)

(41) – (42)  Go-go boots were meant to be on stage.


(44) I just love this found photo.  The happy students and their instructor sitting proud in her animal print mini and black leather go-go boots: it’s a beautiful thing to behold.

(45) And we’ll end with a car show girl in white thigh-high boots.  Cheers.

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