Blood-Soaked Tales of Terror: Horror Tabloid Magazines from the 1970s

Horror and sleaze unite in the pulp rags "Adventures in Horror" and "Horror Stories"

Horror was big in the seventies.  Sleaze was also big.  It’s only natural that the two would combine forces, and create some truly tasteless, yet absolutely amazing, magazines.  Horror and sleaze unite in the pulp rags “Adventures in Horror” and “Horror Stories”; two tabloid level dregs from the 1970s that deserve a close look.  But don’t say you weren’t warned…

ADVENTURES IN HORROR #1 (October 1970)

Apparently, Adventures in Horror was too good to last beyond a couple issues.  Sadly, all we have is two issues of this fine horror magazine – perhaps the 1970s public could only handle so much horror-themed sleaze.

The first story: “Love is the Color of Blood”.  I won’t reprint each outrageous article in their entirety… just seeing the sleazy horror-themed title pages are more than enough.

“Being men of science, Professor Macready and his team of assistants naturally chose to ignore the ancient curse burned deep into the lovely girl’s coffin!”

“Before her horrified eyes he changed from a normal man into a ravaging beast who hungered for her flesh. As the beast sank his fangs into her soft, lovely neck, Peg learned too late that lycanthropy wasn’t just a word!”

We will continue “Adventures in Horror” after a brief commercial announcement brought to you by Softcore Chairs…

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming…

“I knocked on the heavy iron door – only mocking echoes answered. I pounded again with all my might.  Nothing.  Then as I was about to turn away, the door slowly swung open to reveal vast darkness and moving shadows of ultimate, complete fear!”

“The robed figures beckoned me forward to join their obscene rites.  But before I could act, huge, bellowing darkness exploded and I was in the presence of Satan!”

“Wanted: Four beautiful girls to pose for sexy session in front of the camera.  Only instead of camera and film – there were whips, chains, blood and pain and then a night of horror began without hope of rescue or relief!”

“When the mist cleared, raw, unvarnished Death stood laughing at them.  But Joe and Faye went towards it, no longer in control of their own destiny.  And the desire to follow brought them to the brink of howling, stinking Hell  – and beyond!”

ADVENTURES IN HORROR #2 (December 1970)

The second and final issue of Adventures in Horror. Can it live up to its premier issue? Let’s have a look..

“Unfaithful husband, avenging wife and obliging neighbor team up to create a night of Hell-inspired terror!”

“Our destiny is mapped out in odd curves and far out twists of fate – but we can never escape it!”

“The female is deadlier than the male – especially when she is a high sorceress of voodoo!”

“Adventures in Horror” is brought to you by the makers of the inflatable Loveable Doll for playful adults…

“Beth found herself the unwilling lover of a pair of fiends!… The lust-driven creature carried her off in his rotting arms – to share an eternity of living death.”

“Eternal power, ecstasy, control – his inviting words hypnotized her soul.”

And that is all she wrote – the end of “Adventures in Horror”.  Thankfully, “Horror Stories” would carry on the tradition the following year….

 HORROR STORIES (April 1971)

“Her eyes looked at me, and through me, and beyond me to a world long ago where we could have been happy.”

“An unholy glare lit up the surrounding countryside as howling Powers of Darkness took control of yet another helpless town!”

This issue of “Horror Stories” is brought to you by Arnold Schwarzenegger and his muscle building book.

“Deep within the great jungle dwelt a race of things – moving in darkness, reeking of death, having no pity in their hearts!”

“In a fraction of a second, a black pit yawned in front of me, Evil laughter filled my ears – as I was dragged to the brink!”


“The demon pointed to the fresh corpse of a lovely girl. ‘How do you like my work? Such a pity you didn’t see how she died.'”

This issue is brought to you by the fine makers of the Love Doll

For more inflatable doll tomfoolery, see: Meet the Girl of Your Dreams – Just Add Air

“An ugly twisted little thing – and yet its contorted power was great!”

HORROR STORIES (August 1971)

“A maniac who called himself ‘scientist’ needed fresh brains for his sickening creation of corpses and rotting flesh.  The whole city was rocked in terror as each man began to ask himself: ‘Who will be the next to die?'”

This issue brought to you by the fine folks at Wigmakers, bringing you quality modacrylic fiber wigs for men…

And so, we’ll part ways with these horror rags from the early seventies.  It was a short trip, but a wild ride.

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