A Flick Through Arizona’s Bachelor’s Beat (March 7, 1969)

 Bachelor's Beat (March 7, 1969) Part 1


I came across this goldmine of a time capsule to a world-long-gone – the bachelor’s paradise that was the 1960s. It’s a world of groovy chicks and go-go bars on every corner. This particular newspaper is from the Phoenix-Scottsdale, Arizona locale, but it’s no different than urban centers across this swingin’ land in the 60s.

Indeed, this paper is so chock full of happenin’ articles and shagadelic ads, that I can’t squeeze it all into a single post. This has to be taken page by page, not missing a detail…. and I’ve got several issues. So, here is the first in a series on the mighty Bachelor’s Beat. Enjoy.

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 Bachelor's Beat (March 7, 1969) Part 1


For each page I will provide the full scan, the text for each article and a close up detail of the photographs/illustrations. I know you’re excited to read about “see through pants for men”, but be patient. It’s on it’s way.


Now I know another reason why the “squares” and the “over 30’s” heap abuse onto the hair-covered shoulders of the hippie-type rock-and-roll musicians— they are jealous of the rollers’ attraction for “groupies.”

And for those who are not familiar with the term, a “group­ie” is a girl or woman who goes to bed with members of rock-and-roll groups, indiscrimin­ately.

According to a feature story carried in ‘Time Magazine’ last week, there are litterally (SP) thou­sands of American girls as young as 10, and women up to the age of 60 whose hobby and in some cases profession is sleeping with every rock and roll musician they can get.

There are so many groupies, Time reports, and they get to their sexual targets so often that many managers say they have trouble getting their bands up mornings — and sometimes in the evenings (and in shape) to play their engagements.

The way to become a groupie, says a pretty 25-year old groupie from San Francisco, is to sleep with numerous rock musicians, preferably with several from the same band on the same night.

Groupies regularly go to ex¬tremes to add to their score, in¬cluding doing such things as breaking into hotel rooms, brib¬ing gatemen and hotel clerks, and offering the bandmen free dope if they will sleep with them.

Among the groupies, says Time, are several who are in¬dependently wealthy or get big allowances (called “Super Groupies”) from their parents, and travel with particular bands around the U.S. as well as a-broad, serving the members as “mistresses-of-all.”

The typical groupie is distinguished by a wild hair-do and a way-out costume, all de¬signed to identify her and at¬tract the attention of the rock musicians.

Have you ever had that feeling that you were born before, or maybe after, your time?


sexy in straw 1960s naked

Band Box Talent Hunt Paying Off

The Band Box talent search is paying off handsomely for sev­eral clubs around the Valley. Not only are winning contest­ants picking up cash prize money and a chance to vie for a three day trip to Vegas in the finales, but many of them are picking up jobs just for entering. “Numerous club owners have been turning out for Tuesday night talent shows,” says the Band Box management. “We’re glad to be of help in getting the owners and these talented young­sters together.”

The talent contest has be­come quite a popular feature of the club that bills itself as “the hottest spot in town.” But besides the amateur talent on display each Tuesday the Band Box offers top professional talent seven nights a week.

Larry Rickard and the New Breed provide the music for dancing and listening six nights and are joined for female vo­cals by Frannie Kella, a pert little brunette who can really belt out the tunes. Frannie and Larry team for duets that raise the roof and “rock the rafters” nightly.

On Monday nights the Mem­phis Soul, a popular young Phoe­nix soul group put on a show that has been described as “something else.” They play, sing, dance, rock, swing and just generally “blow their minds” in their Monday night sessions and also during the Sunday jam sessions. Blacklight go-go is another regu­lar feature that is popular among Band Box goers, starring three of the state’s top dancers. Shirley, Barbara and Ruby have all been winners in weekly dance contests at the Show Girl, and Shirley is the reigning queen of Phoenix dancers! The Sunday jam sessions at the Band Box are now featur­ing the new Phoenix group, “Chaos” a sensational group that was discovered by Fast Eddie in one of the Tuesday night talent contests.

The Band Box management also has announced that they will be undertaking some minor remodeling very soon which will enhance the appeal of the club without detracting from the en­tertainment. A sound specialist has been called in “to revamp the club’s sound system. By changing the speaker system around the audio level will be­come more equal throughout the club,” says the management.


adult magazine vintage


The Philosopher

The practice of terror serves the true believer not only to cow and crush his opponents but also to invigorate and intensify his own faith. Every lynching in our South not only intimidates the Negro but also invigorates the fanatical conviction of white su­premacy — Eric Hoffer, THE TRUE BELIEVER.
Anniversary Party At Hangover Great

The first anniversary of the Hangover Lounge was described by Big Ed as a “roaring suc­cess”. The bash featured the music of John and the trio fea­turing Mara, the “Valley’snum­ber one girl drummer,” as well as a smorgasbord of turkey, barbeque meatballs, ham and the like.

The Hangover reminds all that they open at 6 a.m. to offer loads of “hair” or cures for their favorite ailment.

The anniversary party was the Hangover’s method of saying “thank you” for such a success­ful first year at their location on west Camelback Road.

Busted Women Knock Assets

Why is it that the popular gal with the big breasts is the first to say that the bustline “isn’t important?” and, why is it that the guy or gal with money often says money isn’t important?

The latest celebrated bust to downgrade two of the attributes that contributed to her success is sex star Gina Lollobrigida.

“It’s personality and how you look at a man that counts,” she said. Try telling this to the chick who isn’t stacked, and whose rep­utation for earthy sexiness does­n’t even go around the block!

Problem In Homosexual San Francisco

A San Francisco girl told the House Ways and Means Committee today that the homosexual problem among men in San Francisco is mak­ing it rough for the single girls.

Dorothy Shinder — head of an organization of single per­sons — appeared before the Committee today to plead the case for more tax breaks for single people.

Says Miss Shinder, “The ever increasing number of homosexuals have furtherde-pieted the supply of available men. In San Francisco alone, they are reputed 80-thousand strong.”

She adds . . . “More’s the pity, when so many are so handsome — what a waste.”


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Hi-Liter lounge Arizona


High Fliers Dig Prop

Elbow – benders bent on flying, or who just dig an aviation atmosphere for their imbibing are swarming around the mahogany of the Propeller Lounge on West Camelback. Owner Betty Ruel and her husband have outfitted their lounge with a swinging high-flying decor.

The Tune Twisters playweek-ends and in a Sunday jam ses­sion as well, at the Propeller. Betty Ruel says, “Watch for a surprise guest this Sunday at our jam session.”


1960s stripper gogo dancer sex


Arizonans Can Say Thank You To GIs

Arizona vintage advert 1960s


Citizens of Arizona will have an opportunity to express their gratitude to our servicemen in Vietnam on March 8, 1969.

On that day, proclaimed PRO­JECT THANK YOU day by Mayor Graham, The Phoenix Jaycees and the Christian Reformed Laymens League, in conjunction with KTAR Radio and TV will spon­sor a Telethon.

Persons phoning the station may pledge dollars which will be used to purchase service packets. These packets contain the highest demand items actually requested by our men in Vietnam. Fifteen servicemen will receive packets for every ten dollars pledged. There are no salaries paid, nor expenses for promotions. Thus, every dollar contributed is used as effectively as possible.

Diamonds: Gals Second Best Friend

Not many gals today would consider a diamond their best friend, but they are still nice to have around – especially if wedding bells are in the offing.

For those who may not be up on their diamond-sense , here are some pointers: the finest diamonds are usually “white” (clear) in color, like a drop of distilled water. Other colors include orange, red, pink, blue, black, green, opalescent and even gray, yel­low and brown, which are the lowest quality of all.

When examining a diamond, try to look at it against a white background, and avoid having it near anything blue. Hold it with jeweler’s tweezers, not your fingers. Diamonds are measured in carats, with 100 points to a carat. The cost is determined by four C”s: carat, color, cut and clarity, and may vary con­siderably for two diamonds of the same size. About the only way the aver­age diamond – buyer can be sure of getting value for his or her money is to deal only with repu­table jewelers.


Nancy Austin Playboy club arizona

See-Thru Pants For Men

A New York designer has in­troduced a line of men’s trousers that are transparent.

The trousers, available in dot­ted voile, are designed to be worn without underwear.

Said designer Mort Augen-stein: “After all, men have something to show off, too!”

Critics of the see-thru pants say that Augenstein is catering to homosexuals and male per­verts who get their kicks by exposing themselves to others.


Mike Shortell

The Blacksmith Shop Arizona

sex club arizona retro

Cliff Holliday


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Arizona swinger 1960s


Wild Cherry Swings

sexy vintage


Dodie’s back tending days at the Wild Cherry on West Indian School and “glad to be back.” The Wild Cherry swings with the music of Lonnie and the Playmates five nights a week playing for the dancers and the comic go-go antics of Patty the “smallest go-go in the west” at only 3 1/2 feet tall.

The “big, hot mamma” and Sherrie also join in the fun at one of the west side’s most swinging establishments.

Ireland Back at Blacksmith Shop

Renowned psychic Dr. Richard Ireland will again be playing at the Blacksmith Shop, announced owner Tim Skeens. Ireland will be playing performances at the unique Phoenix supper club on Saturday at 6:45 and 11:00 p.m. and on Tuesday and Wednesday at 10:00 p.m.

Ireland is one of the most prominent clairvoyants in the world today. He will be demonstrating his extra sensory -perception in one of the most authentically “ole West” clubs in Arizona, The Blacksmith Shop is complete with its own ghost. Said to be the returning spirit of Henry Austin Jones, who founded the shop back in 1904. He died in 1961.

Also on the entertainment bill with Ireland will be guitarist and singer Larry Tuzon.


Arizona Tiger Imports


Male Gland Secretes Germ Killer

Men have their own built-in bacteria killer in the prostate glands, according to research­ers, who say that the male prostate secretes a fluid that kills germs.

Since women do not have this fluid secreting gland, continue the researchers, they have up to 10 times more urinary infec­tions than men.

Secretions from the prostate glands of dogs have been found to be deadly to 70 out of 74 bacterial strains.
SCottsdale hippies


Sweet But Bad

For people who are interested in good health, refined sugar contains lots of calories, but no vitamins. Blackstrap mo­lasses, a byproduct of sugar refining, is not very sweet but is chocked full of vitamins and health-giving minerals.


Her Majesty mens shop


The Philosopher

A man likes you for what he thinks you are; a woman, for what you think she is— Ivan Panin.

Are you ready for a few more pages from that swingin’, go-go groovy newspaper for the Phoenix jet-set? Let’s go!


Highway 66 Arizona

Omega advert vintage watch


Page 4

New York Sex Tank Club


Basharoonie Improves Week by Week

It has now been on the air three weeks and has made gradual improvements with each showing. Spero’s Basharoonie has assumed the appearance of a permanent fixture on the Phoe­nix entertainment scene. Let’s hope that it’s going to be just that, for it is satisfying a long suffering need of the Phoenix public. It can, if properly man­aged, become a showcase for Phoenix talent, providing ex­posure to a wide audience that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

In the most recent episode host Jim Spero’s guests ranged from Phoenix police chief Larry Wetzel to nationally known comic Corbet Monica, with stops in between for a talented co­medienne, a comic folk singer, former Hollywood stunt man, a singer, former radio newsman and one of Spero’s old friends. Needless to say, it was a packed and fast-moving show.

There is little point in re­viewing what was said by the guests for it would be prefer­able for you to watch the show and get the information first hand. Suffice it to say, that it was entertaining, which is, of course, the main goal of the production.

The problem of seating was again apparent, and it appears it will remain as long as the show is done in the mini studio of KPAZ. The studio presents more serious problems than just the seating situation. It’s size pre­vents a good variety of shots of the performers, limiting the cameramen to only closeups and extreme closeups.

Another of the limitations of the KPAZ facilities is the lack of live color cameras, which would go a long way to making the Basharoonie program a live­lier presentation. Realizing the impracticalities of suggesting remodeling and camera purchases for the show I have another suggestion, I can’t say that it would work, but it would seem worthy of investigation. Perhaps another of the studios in town would rent their fa­cilities for the taping of the show. All of the other three commercial stations in town have larger studios than KPAZ, and they’re each equipped with color studio cameras. I’m not suggesting that channel 21 sac­rifice the show that they alone had the courage to put on the air in the first place, but it might be worth the expense to have the taping done where fa­cilities are more adequate.

So much for the production critique. While the show has made improvements with each showing, it still exhibits a bit of unpreparedness which is ap­parently supposed to pass as spontaneity. A lot of it should be eliminated.

The shows Basharoonie is pat­terned after generally permit the guests to talk about some­thing of his choice at first, then the conversation is permitted to wander, with the host leading the way with probing questions. While Jim Spero is as glib and sharp witted as anyone in the business locally, he lacks the finesse of a professional in­terviewer. Often his questions are poorly worded or awkward for the guest to answer. Oc­casionally they even require ex­planation, which breaks the con­tinuity of the program and dis­tracts from the interview. In­terviewees tend to be confused by the questions and often answer awkwardly.

Another point that deserves some mention here is the number of taped commercials delivered by Spero. Tersely, there are too many. The show becomes sort of a one-man circus with Spero introducing himself to sell this product or that product or this or that service. A viewer be­gins to wonder just what role Paul B. Munt is to play. After all, isn’t he the announcer on the program? In a city with twenty some radio stations and five commercial television stations, not to mention the Co­lumbia School of Broadcasting, surely there are enough an­nouncers around to handle the commercial announcement chores of the show.

If I seem overly critical of portions of the show it is only because I have becomd absorbed in the excitement of the small group of stallwarts that put it together, and 1 hold their hope that it will be able to continue, for it is indeed an interesting addition to the Valley entertain­ment scene and one that many would hate to see dropped.


vintage sex cartoon 1960s


Real Escapades of Film Stars Shocking

The escapades of movie stars in real life are often far more interesting than anything they ever do on studio sets.

Among the jucier items re­ported from around the world in the past couple of weeks:

Cary Grant, in Acapulco with a pretty girl, got smacked in the face by her when he refused to kiss her in a night club. Taken outside by one of Gary’s companions, she tried to slug him, but he beat her to the punch with a right cross to the chin.

In Hong Kong, Sean Connery and a beautiful, busty friend shocked staid patrons in a well-known night club with a pas­sionate dance. Reason: the gal stripped nude to the waist.

Steve McQueen and a buddy, who reportedly shared a native girl for two nights in a row during a stop-over in Tahiti, were later set upon and soundly beaten by 16 Tahitian men at a local bar.

Yule Brynner, reports “Mid­night, ” plays himself in his latest “movie” — which consists of live scenes of Yule having a you – know – what – kind – of orgy with several girls in Le Harve, France.

Mia Farrow is said to have lost her bra in a knockdown and rip-it-off fight at a party in New York. The other gal allegedly suffered a broken tooth.


Bachelors Beat


Family of Twenty Practices Free Love

One of the most unusual “fami­lies” in existence reside in Los Angeles.

Called “a social unit based on the idea of freeing man’s spirit for uninterrupted creativity,” the family consists of 20 young men and women who live in a $300 a month mansion, spend most of their time nude, and do whatever they want to do day and night — which includes talking,singing, and sex with which ever family member they want when­ever they want.

Any member of the “family” that gets jealous of another and wants to limit his or her sexual variety is forced to leave.

The “family” earns money by posing nude, guitar-playing, and charging for parties they throw for outsiders.
Mothers Control Families By Queen Bee, Torture Ploys

Another in the recent spate of books taking a closer look at the institution of marriage Ameri­can – style, this book examines and explains the tricks husbands and wives use in marital in­fighting, giving true examples of how spouses compete with and deceive each other often destroying their own lives as well as those of their child­ren.

One of the most fascinating and revealing sections in the book is on the maneuvers used by mothers to dominate their children and husbands.

Because the average children spend more time with their mothers than anyone else during their formative years, mothers naturally have more influence on what kind of personality and character they end up with.The “Put Offs” and “Come

Ons” in Dr. Chapman’s title re­fer to the psychological maneu­vers used by all adults but par­ticularly by mothers, with the former being used to drive peo­ple apart, and the latter to draw them together.

One of the most common and most serious of the motherly stratagems used by women to influence and control daughters is called the “Queen Bee.”

In this case, the mother rules her family, especially her daughters, by a pattern of hos­tility toward the girls that often results not only in alienating them from the family but from life itself.

The primary cause of this syndrom is the immature mother who cannot bear to share her “nest” with another female — even her own daughters — and therefore subconciously tries to drive them away.

Another common and popular technique used by wives and mothers to intimidate their families is called the “Torture Rack.” In this case, the woman fakes illnesses — or actually brings them on psychosomatic-ally — including headaches, backaches, upset stomachs and nervousness.

Reading how really common this type of behavior is in Ameri­can families one wonders how anybody manages to grow up and be “normal”.
New York Has “Sex Tank” Club

The Cerebrum Club in New York is the talk of the town among insiders.

A private club which mem­bers refer to as “The Sex Think Tank,” the gimmick that has made the nite spot so popular is that both its gal hostesses and all guests are required to go around in the buff, attired only in a white see-thru robe.

As soon as a guest enters, he is met by a girl, naked ex­cept for her transparent robe, who helps him get into the same state.

The club is furnished with a thick rug, soft foam-rubber Or­iental styled couches, and the lights are kept dim.

Once suitably undressed, the customer is attended to by a young, pretty girl who talks to him, cuddles with him, mas­sages him — or lets him mas­sage her — but goes no further. There is music to listen to if you want to listen, and a “show” consisting of a nude girl pranc­ing along a walkway against a background of flickering lights.

Just about the time a newly arrived customer reaches some sort of heights in sexual stimu­lation, a hostess comes by and plops a marshmellow into his mouth.

This is supposed to cool him down and relax him.

Fee for enjoying the sensual delights of the club is $7.50 an hour.


Page Five

Siongles adverts


London At Playboy

David London, dramatic tenor now appearing with the Keith Greko Trio in the Phoenix Play­boy Club Living Room, has been an outstanding success at such important clubs as The Latin Quarter, New York; The Deau-ville and EdenRoc, Miami Beach; The Roosevelt Blue Room, New Orleans; Town and Country, New York; and the Empire Room of the Palmer House, Chicago.

Among the Broadway hits in which he appeared as a fea-‘ tured performer were “110 In The Shade,” “Mile and Honey,” “Fiorello!” and “TheMostHap-py Fella.”

David is the husband of Nancy Austin whose troupe of singers and comedians are featured in the Playboy Penthouse.
Go-go Girls divorce


El Jay Rey Pool Tourney

While it’s true that El Jay Rey serves up “the finest Mexi­can food in Phoenix” according to the management, that’s not the only attraction.

Pool tournaments are also regular fare at El Jay Rey three nights a week, Monday, Thurs­day and Saturday.

Pool tourney winners collect top prizes and the kitchen serves the Mexican food to the players as well as the kibitzers.


The profile room club

The Philosopher

Man’s mind is the root of all goods produced and of all the wealth that has ever existed or earth–Ayn Rand.

Men who have bony “horns” protruding above their eyes tend to be overly aggressive, while women with the same character­istic tend to be flighty and reck­less—Boye De Mente

Page Six

strippers retro

Hookers Keep Act In Family

Many lounges and night clubs become known as hangouts for “hookers”, which is a nicer way of saying “prostitutes.”

One that has gained s me na­tionwide fame is located at 716 Louisiane Avenue, in Shreveport.

Its specialty: mother-and-daughter teams who make out especially well.

The Caper sex club Arizona


The Country Corner of Jodie Owens

The RODEO OF RODEOS got its annual ‘kick-off with WAYLON JENNINGS & HIS WAYLORS packing a great show at the TOWNHOUSE GRAND BALLROOM for the JAYDETTES benefit dance . . .

The RIPPLE ROOM had the pleasure of lis­tening to TERRY DOWN­ING as he filled in for GENE DIFFIE who was ill last Saturday night. TERRY and CATHY JOY carried the night off in a strong way while ART HAWKINS, RALPH BOW­LING and RICHARD ENGLE did the backing -aka- the ROCK-A-BILLY PLAYBOYS.

Working weekends at the DESERT STAR, with the SORDONAIRES, is their new lead man JERRY HARRINGTON.

Nominations for the CMA Awards show that, MR. LUCKY’S, STAN OSCARSON was chosen for the best steel man, BILLY WILLIAMS for the best lead man and the ROGUES as the best (number one) country group. . .Take all three of them fellas!!! The group, playing at LUCKY’S since its first opening night, has played behind almost every big entertainer that has appeared at the ‘King Of Clubs’. . .

Since the “Shutting Out The Lights” for singer, BUTCH LOWERY, to have his throat pulled, his theme title is “It’s All Over Now” which I might add is get­ting heavy play from its writer – JD, WOODY STARR – over KTUF. Filling in for BUTCH, while he got his warbling muscles back in shape, was MIKE POST (WANDA JACKSON’S drummer).


The Desert Star

Some faces at the ‘show place of starts’ included: JOE SUTTON (formerly of SANFORD CLARK’S FOOLS and DICK MATHESON’S group), TERRY WELLS, (or­iginal ROGUES drummer, formerly of DOTTIE WEST’ troup and presently drummin’ with DALE NOE and BUDDY LONG AT R’GEE’S). LHI’ right hand man, DONNIE OWENS (who appeared with WAYLON at the benefit dance) JIMMY GRAY, (A longtome WAYLOR) and the motorcycle kids — LOIS & ARNIE . . .

KHAT’s man, CHUCK MILLS is my buddy compet­itor. . .Besides putting out your favorite listening music, he also writes his funny little ‘mini-messages’ for the SPOTLITE (Valley Of The Sun) MINI-MAC and rings up the cash register at the sound of yours truly. Seriously, he’s great guy and has been DJ for many an hour at several of the Valley’s biggest radio stations — of course you’ll have to guess which ones . . .CHUCK has “the loser of the week-joke” in each edition and states that if you don’t like ’em, send him yours in care of KHAT!!! Mmmmmmm. . .

On sight at MAGOO’S, after-hours, more faces were to be seen. GENTLE BEN DORSEY, SONNY RAY (WAYLON’s new bass man) CURTIS BUCK and JD’S own perky JAN, all of whom are close in on the WAYLON bag . . . Welcome back peo­ples!!!

THE MAN—RAY CORBIN was in fine form while BENNY THOMPSON had trouble sitting after his fall, but never missed a lick, did ya’ BENNY??? MARY ANN WOOD, still coming on strong with her comedy cut-ups on songs like ‘Crying Time’, tides your funny bone, but you have to watch close or miss all the little goodies that go on.

HARRY’S CAPRI was not left out of the visiting locale. Pretty SANDY MARIE mentioned of her return to the singin’ biz and I’ll bet you can catch her jammin’ out at R’GEE’s Sundays.


Horseman's lounge


BOB BOWER, the busiest man in town, also in to do a few tunes, has a schedule something like this: early morning finds him out at the TURF working with his horses, Monday night—at MAGOO’S, Tues­day through Thursday you can find him at the SERENDIPITY with the CHAPARALS and Friday through Sunday he’s with the same at the WAGON YARD. BOB has a session soon and plans to do two of BOZO DARNELL’S tunes and two of his own.

JACKIE WADELL, now on RAMCO Label, has two fine songs out. “Eat Your Heart Out” b/w “Win Some, Lose Some, Lonesome” …. Her style in singing has changed and it’s even better than before.

Known by most all musicians, DAVE MUSGRAVE is shaking up the merry-go-round with his voice, so look for him to do some ‘sit-down’ steel playing, as he’s back from extensive road tours with stars like FARRON YOUNG. DAVE put out the first cut of “The Other Woman” before RAY PRICE got a hold on it . . . His last road bag was with, female singer, SANDY KNOX in the Las Vegas circuit . . .

Another tiger in the business, sittin; in on bass, was MEL HERNDON and two KRDS fellas . . . DICK HARBOLD, who is negotiating for weekend playing and possibly 6 nighters . . . MIKE ANGELO is ‘dat der’ fella who tries wakin’ ever’one up -so dang’ blasted early in de’mornin’, but with a voice like that you can’t help but roll out even if you’re fixed in a trance for an hour or so . . .

Rumor is floating that JOHNNY APPLESEED is getting ready to do another session!!!

Page 8

Apolo sex club


Nite People by George Olenslager

After the sun goes down, people change . . . espec­ially Bachelor Guys and Gals! Serious, hardworking and ambitious all day . . . they play just as hard at night. This column is about those “Night People!”

Winter visitors are gloating over their good fortune in being here while the rest of the country is going through the usual honors of the cold season . . . and lo­cal accommodations are few and far between . . . good times for the hotel, motel resort and apart­ment people . . . not to mention all of the Val­ley’s happy spots.

Hangover lounge

Two refugees from in­undated Hawthorne, Cal­ifornia . . . JUDY and TOM NICHOLSON . . . have been wallowing in all kinds of new fun things to do . . . not only javelina hunting . . . but TOM took JUDY up to Payson so she could build her first snow man.

A man who believes in what he is doing . . . FRANK TRACY . . . can go on for hours about his new process for signs. Uses fluorescent paint on magnetic back­grounds . . . individual letters or complete signs can be applied to cars or trucks like magic.

You gals who appreciate staring into the limpid eyes of good looking bartenders should take in tall, dark and handsome DOUG DOUGLASS. He does the mixing job at the ROYAL PALMS INN.

BOB CRAWFORD and his pretty SUZANNE found the going smooth at MR. LUCKY’S last week . . . they tripped the light fantastic to WAYNE NEWTON rec­ords while MARGE MATOUSEK kept calling friends over to meet “BUNKY” at the bar . . . and then told them to be sure to visit her namesake . . . DICK MA­TOUSEK . . . who does the same chores at THE YUCCA. There was some talk about “the first drink is always on George” but we have an idea her escort would prefer anonymity … it could get expensive!


SCottsdale strippers


Friends of MAJOR BOB MOCK are congratulating him on his return from a year’s tour in the skies over Vietnam. Happily unscathed . . . BOB is looking for­ward to his next assignment . . . he’ll do four beauti­ful stateside years of duty as a member of the faculty at the Air University, Maxwell A.F.B., Montgomery, Alabama. Just don’t let anyone talk politics to you while you’re down in ‘Bama, BOB . . . look what hap­pened to CURT LEMAY!

Well . . . SUSIE RALSTON up and did it . . . bought her first car all by herself … a zingy Firebird. Now you can sit back for the next 36 months and watch the payments go by, SUZIE.

Caught ARNIE GARDNER doing night duty around the town a bit ago. You gals who shop at KARSH’S BAKERY . . . ask him about his favorite hot spots . . . while he’s wrapping up your French bread and pastries.


Wild Cherry


Aficionados of the Latin Beat are crowding THE BULL PEN these nights to listen to WALLYOLVERA do his great repertoire of songs from below the bor­der. “La Vergen de la Macarena,” “Jalisco,” and “Guadalajara” shake the rafters when this fine per­former booms them out. BILL FALBERG crouches next to WALLY doing tremendous things on the bongos. Cute MARGARET WIGGINS is one of the regulars who keeps coming back for more . . .there’s also a group of volunteer rhythm makers who accompany the whole wonderful bit with clavas, maracas and plain old fin­ger snappin’.

DICK ANTHONY said farewell to his buddies at a going-away party at THE BRANDING IRON last week. Special reason for being there . . . according to DICK . . . was for “one last warming look at lovely BAR­BARA WHITE”. . . before he left for New York’s chilly clime for a new bank job.

That international format at GUYS & DOLLS is a definite crowd pleaser . . . and LARRY MARSTON did a reverse switch when he hosted a diversified party of winter visitors there the other evening. Had a Japan­ese couple . . . two caballeros from Mexico City . . . and his own date. . . a beauteous blonde from Stock­holm!


exotic dancers Arizona

The Joint Venture

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