Artist Turns Vintage Pulp Fiction Into 3D Pop-Up Thrillers

Minnesota-based photographer Thomas Allen turns vintage pulp fiction into pop-up books by cutting images from the covers and pages, and placing the figures into three-dimensional scenes.


haunted lady


The figures are never totally free from the book, popping out to study and react to other figures from their literary worlds. In changing the illustrations from static and bound to active and sprung, Allen brings an old book’s characters to life. Readers have one question: ‘What happens next?’


fair game


Says Allen:

“In addition to being a photographer, I play talent scout, casting director, stage manager, lighting supervisor, and film editor.”

Photographed in stagey lighting and in the style of the blurred View-Master stereoscopic toy that also inspired him, Allen turns tingling trash fiction into happening dioramas.


pulp fiction 3d morgue nymphet pulp_novels_art_38 pulp_novels_art_39 pulp_novels_art_40 pulp_novels_art_43 dark hunger cat  shoot  can't tame seductive doctor   tough posse  way down distraction gulch pulp fiction 3d die pulp fiction 3d trashy slap pulp fiction 3d susie pulp fiction 3d  crod me pulp fiction 3d  pulp fiction 3d pulp fiction 3d pulp fiction 3d pulp fiction 3d pulp fiction 3d


Images courtesy of  Thomas Allen and the Foley Gallery. Buy his book Uncovered here.