25 Wild & Wonderful Disco Records from Around the World

Disco always had a tendency toward the audacious and get “crazier than a fish with tits” as they say.  So it should come as no surprise that there are more than a few odd and obscenely tacky disco album covers out there.  We’ll try and reign it in a bit, and limit ourselves to just those records that specifically have the word “disco” on the cover.  Some of these exhibit average levels of spastic kitsch; whereas others are completely off the reservation.  Enjoy.

1. Daddy’s Disco – Rüdiger Wolff

daddys disco rudiger wolff

You have to love those disco styles, such as these from the JC Penney Spring-Summer Cocaine Fashions.

2. What Shall We Do When the Disco’s Over? – The Richard Hewson Orchestra

disco record

“What Shall We Do When the Disco’s Over?” – Baby Boomers still have not satisfactorily answered this question.

3. Disco Bambina – Heather Parisi

disco bambina

Heather is sporting a leotard that can only be described as “50 shades of crazy”.  Plus, the thumbs-up posture reminds me of Elaine’s famous bad-dancing on “Seinfeld”.

4. Borinquen Disco Party – Titti Sotto

disco party record

Just a frog looking up a disco dolly’s dress.  Nothing to see here.

5. Les Plus Grands Succes DISCO – Martin Davis

disco record 2

I love those thigh-high silver boots – and that gesture could mean she’s pretending to hold a microphone or….

6. Discopedia Vol. 2 – Mirror Image

discopedia small

For those wanting to learn the ways of disco – “disco dance step lesson enclosed”.

7. Tarantella Disco – Cosa Nostra Disco Band

cosa nostra disco band

Here’s a band that embraces disco’s cocaine connection.

8. Disco World – Various Artists

disco world

9. Disco Double Gold – Various Artists

disco double gold

Why does this album cover feature a woman holding a hamburger oozing ketchup?  When it comes to disco compilation LPs, it’s probably best not to ask too many questions.

10. Do It For Me – Disco Jennifer

disco record (1)

Disco Jennifer isn’t asking; she’s demanding you do it for her.  I’ll let you speculate as to what “it” is.

11. Disco Love Affair – Mystic

disco symphony

When a gold lamé speedo isn’t an odd or unusual fashion choice, you know things have gone off the crazy scale.  Such was disco.

12. Disco Shock – Various Artists (Finland)

disco record (1)

13. Cookie Disco – Sesame Street

disco record (2)

There were a number of reasons disco fell out of favor in the early 1980s.  Perhaps the biggest factor was the complete over-saturation.  When even Sesame Street is cashing in on the disco gravy train, you know the days are numbered.

14. Disco Fever – Various Artists (Brazil)

disco record (3)

Is it just me, or does her forearm look a bit… mannish?

15. Discoboom – Various Artists

disco boom

16. D.I.S.C.O. – Ottawan

ottawan disco

The French band Ottawan tells us that disco is an acronym for: “She is D, delirious / She is I, incredible / She is S, superficial / She is C, complicated / She is oh-oh-oh”.

17. Disco Dynamite! – Various Artists

disco record (15)

18. Superman and Other Disco Hits – The Doctor Exx Band

disco record (4)

From the back of the record: “Doctor Exx’s band is get on down disco dynamite! Over thirty driving players plus laser hot synthesizers that take you on a non-stop trip. From Superman groovin’ out of sight to spaced out goodies like Star Wars and 2001 Themes. The big heat of hits from the big screen. Let’s get it on!”

Featuring the Superman inspired classic – “Lois Gets Down”

19. Westbound Disco Dazzlers – Various Artists

disco record (5)

20. Quisqueya Disco Party – Tito Delgado Y Su Orquesta

disco record (10)

Fact: Puerto Rico has the best disco parties.

21. In the Navy – Irwin the Disco Duck

disco record (11)

Irwin the Disco Duck (inspired by Rick Dees’ godawful novelty hit, “Disco Duck”) was voiced by the same guy that voiced Scrappy-Doo, perhaps the most hated Saturday morning cartoon character of all time (followed closely by The Great Gazoo).

22. Disco Saturday Nacht – Eine Kleine Disco Band

disco record (16)

I’ve forgiven Germany for WWII… but not for this record.  Some things are just unforgivable.

23. Captain Kirk’s Disco Trek – Keys

disco record (17)

24. Discomania – Café Créme

disco record (8)

A disco medley of Lennon/McCartney compositions – “the disco album that swept the European continent”.

25. Disco Radio Action – Various Artists

disco record (20)

There’s just a rainbow of crazy here.   I think it’s fitting we end this with a construction worker sucking on a garden hose. Cheers.

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