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You’ll Blow Your Mind Out In A Car: The Hellish Rolling Stone Mag Beatles Tribute Of 1977 (Video)

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rolling stone mag beatles tribute

THIS might be the world’s worst Beatles tribute. In 1977, Rolling Stone Magazine booked Ted Neeley (Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar), Patti Labelle, Ritchie Havens, Yvonne Elliman (she was Christ’s Mary Magdalene) and more for A Day In The Decade, a rendering of A Day In The Life. The show begins with Neeley (bigger than Jesus?)  singing about himself getting out of bed, dragging a comb across his head, looking up, realising he was late…

As he sings, Neeley gets out of bed, drags a comb across his head (well, he uses his fingers),  looks up, realises he was late…

He does not blow his mind out in a car. But you might after watching this.