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Who Remembers Coleco’s Quiz Wiz?

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In 1979, Coleco introduced to the world a small computerized toy called “The Quiz Wiz”, a rectangular device designed to test the limits of your knowledge.

This small beige electronic “question and answer game” was equipped with a numerical keyboard, and green and red indicator lights for noting correct and incorrect answers.


The portable Quiz Wiz could also “lock” into various booklets — colored red, green and blue — which posed questions on many different topics.

The Quiz Wiz came packaged with the booklet “1001 Questions,” but Coleco also released other booklets for subjects including Movies and TV, The World of Sports, People and Places, Trivia, Music and Books, The Ocean, Energy, The Book of Lists, Super Heroes, The Bible, Ripley’s Believe it or Not and, Monsters, Vampires, Witches and Ghosts.

Today, we have iPhones that are smaller than Quiz Wiz and can do a whole lot more than “buzz” irritatingly at incorrect answers. In 1979, however, this was cutting-edge, miniaturized technology.

Here is an original TV commercials for the Quiz Wiz.

In the 1990s, Tiger Electronics released an updated version of this toy.

  • ExcelsiorDDZ

    Holy crap! This was completely absent from my memory banks until I saw the title. Then it all came rushing back to me. I hate you sometimes! 😉

  • Chris Berry

    The funniest thing about this device was that the whole “plugging in” to the new booklets was a total fake. The questions were all multiple choice and the sequence of 1001 answers was exactly the same no matter what. So #489 was always C, for instance. The gizmo had one sequence in it that never changed.