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We Love You Beatles: A Colorful Fab Four Tribute (1971)

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When The Beatles officially split in 1970 with the release of Let It Be, fans were bereft. One year later, Margaret Sutton wrote, We Love You Beatles, the Fab Four’s story illustrated in a bold, bright pop art-style. The pictures are a joy.


we love you beatles


“The trees were rocking and the clouds were swaying and the flowers were swinging and the birds were dancing to the Beatles sound. ‘Let’s sing about love and people being happy.’ The Beatles sing songs you can sing in the sunshine. Sing them! Sing the Beatles’ songs!”


We Love You, Beatles

We Love You, Beatles

We Love You, Beatles

we love you beatles

We Love You, BeatlesWe Love You, Beatleswe love you beatlesWe Love You, BeatlesWe Love You, Beatles

We love you beatles paul mccartney

We love you beatles new

We love you beatles 0

weloveyoubeatles the end


Via: Burgin Streetman, The Beatles Comics

  • njguy54

    This book was in my elementary school library. I was pretty small when the Beatles broke up, but even then I could sense it was a big deal. Even my parents — who paid zero attention to pop culture or rock music — talked about it.