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The greatest keep-fit devices of the 1970s

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WERE you around in the 1970s? Did you keep fit with the latest kit? We’ve pulled together some of the devices available in the brown decade. If you have any of these items, please let us know if they worked:

Ladies who crunch

Bottom left – the oxygen breather

Slim Belt (with extra holes)


What Torquemada taught us

Are those bananas in your pants or have you lost your mind?

Love is…

Mr Suave

Shoot me now

And the best bit it, no-one knows…

It’s not just a mop, it a heavy wet mop…

Slim elasto-uniknickers

The abacarse

  • Where’s the Bullworker? Everyone had a bullworker

  • Karen

    Haha, I was just scrolling down looking for the Bullworker because my dad used to have one 🙂

  • Winker

    Mine’s in the attic.

  • dairy

    where can I get a pair of those inflatable shorts…??? 😉

  • Liz Cooper

    Pedle-Dedle? Is that PEDD-el DEDD-el or PEE-del DEE-del? Neither makes sense, and both sound lewd.