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Political memories: Hang Nelson Mandela before it’s too late (and Saddam Hussein was a ‘friendly’ guy)

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AS the mawkish and ghoulish media hover around Nelson Mandela’s hospital bed, we look back to when the aged ANC leader was not South Africa’s number one tourist attraction.

This poster was distributed by Britain’s Federation of Conservative Students during the early 1980’s.

hang mandela



In the interests of balance, long-serving Labour MP  Tony Benn, a Cabinet Minister under Harold Wilson and James Callaghan, told us that Saddam Hussein was not a bad guy but “very friendly“….

  • Bimmerman

    Which goes to show that you can’t trust a Tory 😉

  • Bimmerman

    Today’s terrorist, tomorrow’s freedom fighter. It begs the question: how will we view our actions in Iraq and Afghanistan in 30 years time?