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Making Office Supplies Sexy: The 1971 Monarch Marking Mate Catalog

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Only in the 1960s or 70s would a label-maker catalog try to sex things up.  This was an era where the “sex sells”  approach was seemingly used for every single product on the market.  The Fall 1971-Spring 1972 Monarch Marking Mate catalog is no exception. Offering cheesecake with their variety of labelers, taggers, tags, and ink pads, an otherwise boring office supply brochure is given a welcome, sexy twist by presenting a beautiful blonde model on each page….


“Keep me to help you order from Monarch from now on!” says the girl in short shorts and black leather go-go boots.



Unfortunately, our girl isn’t “selling the sizzle” on every page, but that’s okay.


Can your mind even comprehend opening up your Office Depot catalog and seeing a Playboy Bunny in fishnets modeling their multi-ply labelers?  It was a different world.


Never has a simple price tagger looked so good.  I have no use for it, but yet I feel compelled to get one.



I wonder who this model is.. and did she go on to model for anything above an office supply catalog?



Imagine the plight of whoever had to put this catalog together.  Coming up with costumes and puns for each and every mundane office supply must’ve been painful.







“Monarch Display Labels – WOW!”   Wow, indeed.  I hope you enjoyed this tour as much as I did.  Until next time.

  • njguy54

    In a world where purchasing decisions — and catalog designs — were made entirely by (presumably heterosexual) men, this approach made perfect sense. In fact, I recall seeing cheesecake-y sales material (though not this over-the-top) as recently as the mid 1990s.

  • Freakanatcha

    I never thought I would see an retail supply catalog that gave auto parts catalogs a run for their money, but a tip of the cap to Monarch Marking Mate.

  • Such a versatile model

  • Barry Rivadue

    Awesomely cute. I hope she had a good life.