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Lord Fisher uses first example of ‘OMG’ in letter to Winston Churchill

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IT’S 1917 and Winston Churchill receives a letter from Lord Fisher. It contains the earliest example of OMG |(Oh My God). Did the toffs invent text speak? WTF! (Winston Talks French!):

Spotter: @LettersOfNote

  • evil

    yeah dis iz rite innit Jackie Fisher im dahn wiv da kidz innit bruv respect 2 iz fam Winston ! an da mandem @ the Naval Office 100% hardcore dis is SICK innit !

  • Anderson

    Fisher, whose favorite closing line was “Burn This!!!”, would probably have gotten in trouble nowadays for indiscreet e-mails.

    I’d forgotten that Fisher even wrote to Churchill after the Dardanelles fiasco; wonder whether Churchill was returning the correspondence? Fisher pretty much threw Churchill over on that one.