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Listen To These Albums Of 1970s Sex Tape Music

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What was that song, you know the tune you hard plying on that 1970s skin flick? In the 1970s, every badly dressed sex flick needed a book accompaniment, Scandinavian furniture and a tune. But what was it? And can you buy the album?

On SoundCloud Drixxxe has made come compilations.

Twist the dimmer switches to ‘onyx’, warm the sambuca and set the shagpile pets to ‘aroused’. And let the music work its magick:


Sextape by Drixxxé on Mixcloud

  • I am an aficionado of stock library music from the 60s and 70s. They would often be used in porn movies because they were royalty free. Along with the soundtracks of police procedural thrillers of the same era, they formed a sub-set of modern jazz I term “Cop Jazz” or “Porn Jazz”. I’m less interested in the porn movies than their soundtracks.
    Now, I have to leave… I have some air conditioning units to fix over at that hostel for Swedish air hostesses.