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Home ’65: A Groovy Look at Mid-Sixties Interior Décor

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Home décor in 1965 was, you might say, perfection – the high water mark in 20th century interiors.  Why?  It was the midpoint between the conservative style of the 1940s and 50s and the over-the-top styles of the late 1960s and 70s; striking a harmonious balance between the two.  A perfect blend of subdued elegance with kitschy excess.   If I could remodel my entire home with 1965 Mad Men flair, I’d do it in a minute.

So, here is a look at interiors from the apex of interior decoration, 1965….


221_Interior Decoration A to Z (1965)

Take note.  No 1965 room is complete without the almighty ashtray.

Also, I began with this picture because it perfectly encapsulates the previous description of the 1965 room as being between the boring conservative era and the batshit crazy era of the late sixties and seventies.  The room is as dull as can be… but there are hints of that kitschy shagadelic flair: the cool chairs, the groovy hanging lamps, and the tiles of color in the floor.


220_Interior Decoration A to Z (1965)

Once again, you try and “spot the ashtray”; a game that you play throughout this entire series.

219_Interior Decoration A to Z (1965)

Is there anything more mid-sixties than a bongo drum and a Belafonte record?  I’m diggin’ it, baby.

218_Interior Decoration A to Z (1965)

217_Interior Decoration A to Z (1965)

I think this room could use a little more green.

216_Interior Decoration A to Z (1965)


I would be remiss to not mention that 1965 is the year of the circular bed.  This bed was featured in a 1965 Playboy article and was used by Dean Martin in The Silencers – filmed in 1965, released in February 1966.

215_Interior Decoration A to Z (1965)

214_Interior Decoration A to Z (1965)

213_Interior Decoration A to Z (1965)

212_Interior Decoration A to Z (1965)

211_Interior Decoration A to Z (1965)

160_Decoration U.S.A (1965) by Jose Wilson and Arthur Leaman

Again, they seem to have gotten a bit carried away with the color.  As groovy as this pad looks, I don’t think it would take long before you were forever sick of blue.

159_Decoration U.S.A (1965) by Jose Wilson and Arthur Leaman

158_Decoration U.S.A (1965) by Jose Wilson and Arthur Leaman

157_Decoration U.S.A (1965) by Jose Wilson and Arthur Leaman

156_Decoration U.S.A (1965) by Jose Wilson and Arthur Leaman

155_Decoration U.S.A (1965) by Jose Wilson and Arthur Leaman

154_Decoration U.S.A (1965) by Jose Wilson and Arthur Leaman

153_Decoration U.S.A (1965) by Jose Wilson and Arthur Leaman

And so shag rears its ugly head.  Of course in the seventies, it was everywhere – but in ’65, a very bold statement.  I actually like shag, and have noticed that it’s making a comeback.

152_Decoration U.S.A (1965)

  • BOB®

    By God this is glorious.

  • njguy54

    Shag carpeting was the one element in these decors that (almost) withstood the test of time. In the mid-70s the homes of many of my friends sported it, and it was still considered hip and cool. One downside of shag is that it was hard to keep clean, and much shag carpeting was poor quality that wore out quickly (just what you want in a major household investment). By the end of the decade, more restrained styles would make a comeback.

    The bathroom photo shows another trend of the era: full-length, full-wall mirrors. Among other things, they created the illusion of size, making a room look many times larger than it was. More often than not, they turned up in bathrooms, in which you were treated to multiple views of yourself getting into and out of the shower. Surely that inspired more than a few people to go on a diet or get a tummy tuck…

  • hithere55


  • tillinger 2.0

    Just want to say that if I lived in a place like the one in picture nine (I think – the one with the railing-less stairs running up and behind the fireplace) I would never be able to have a beer again. Heck, even sober my uncoordinated self would break my neck falling off them.

  • Steve Mills

    Love that stairway wrapping around the fireplace.

  • Dave McDougall

    I really like that rug under the table in the fourth photo. I’d have it in my house now if I had the opportunity 🙂

  • Freakanatcha

    You always wonder 20 years after the photo when the owners are trying to sell the house, do they do a complete makeover or say screw, accept me as I am?

  • SkeptiGal

    My migraine is really throbbing now!

    In all seriousness, dad still had the ubercool Danish modern chair from pic 2 (the blue one) until a couple of years ago, when he moved and downsized. Loved it!

  • Joe Kerr

    the mono tone total room color is horrific…dont remember anyone having that… but much of the furniture reminds me of IKEA lol!!! still loved that era’s style!