Gratuitous Nudity In Argos Catalogues (1982-1989)



In our previous installment, we pretty well established that Argos babes were every bit as foxy as their American counterparts at Sears and JC Penny (despite the lack of a proper lingerie section). But in the eighties I think you’ll agree the Argos folks kicked things up a notch.

As before, each example will include a “zoomed out” scan of the catalog pages and then a “detail” of the foxy catalog mama therein. Enjoy!


Argos No. 18 1982 Autumn – Winter


16959149083_e74debda87_b 17577183592_81a58c62be_b 17553130646_2118be6960_b 17391902870_a78a2bec74_b 17393246819_f64ab3172d_b 17579520211_eb01bdbc23_b 17393160679_70ebc7296a_b 17553139496_0df1819893_b


I just love this picture.


17391915580_7e0148ef56_b Argos women naked catalogue 17577284912_d3f1b69aee_b


“Touch Wood” indeed.


17393253359_6b962de025_b 16957033504_1de86c8908_b 17391790338_20c49ae667_b


Argos No. 20 1983 Autumn – Winter


16957000684_926cb7b0a8_b 17577255402_2293b7bc2c_b


This apparatus looks a little dangerous.


17391948220_54ee20fb44_b 17391742468_d578580a6e_b 16959228213_7b32f14e2c_b 17577260562_b17bd3d2f7_b


I don’t remember Sears and JC Penny going the full monty. Score one for Argos.


17579579735_c45323fa1f_b 17391985920_dcfff5676c_b Argos women naked catalogue


Any guesses as to who that is on the cover of LOOK?


Argos women naked catalogue argos no 20 1983 autumn winter 17579586055_9a43c67be3_b 16959244483_37340cef76_b


God, I’d love to see this demonstration. I don’t remember Sears and JC Penny girls modeling the fitness equipment in bikinis. Score two for Argos.



Argos No.23 1985 Spring – Summer


17553106016_64c0741c62_b 17393131049_3a81fc9953_b


This one deserves a second look.


Argos women naked catalogue


Is it safe to declare Argos the winner yet?


Argos No.25 1986 Spring – Summer


17579388911_da65c86555_b 17577152782_f1bc3d4ebe_b 16959122733_fde23b330f_b  17391862400_0728e19265_b (1) 17577150202_2963530ac1_b 1986 - p186 - full page - small


1986 - p187



Argos No.30 1988 Autumn – Winter


17553085096_11bc2a8b1b_b 17577142972_9d72735c7c_b


Argos No. 32 Autumn – Winter 1989

Argos women naked catalogue Argos women naked catalogue