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Album covers: the most manly men in music

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LOOSEN your neckerchief. Unbutton that S-belt on your Comfi-Slax. And open a freakin’ window. We’ve been looking for the soundtrack to our love lives. What music goes with the pages of Playgirl magazine? Is a hairy chest and feathered moustache sang, what would sound would they make? We’ve scoured the Bamboo Room at Anorak Towers. And we’ve got the albums that mdae a generation swoon:


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  • Jerome Magajes

    Photo #5 and #6 shows the albums released during 1960s.

    Photo #7 is a song from Santa Esmeralda, which reached Top 10 across Europe in 1977 and 1978 Top 40 US hit (where he had only one Top 40 hit).

    Photo #8 is from 1980s, but Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts active from 1981.