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Latest Flashbaks

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Photos Of Brutal Paris, City of Concrete

Paris-born Damien Gosset photographs the concrete-based architecture of his home city. And it's wonderful.

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Groovy Chicks Selling Motorbikes: 1960s Sexy Swingin' Scooter & Motorcycle Adverts

Let's have a look at some 1960s advertising which targets the up-and-coming, horny white Boomer male, flush with cash....

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Dayalets Hellish Vitamin Mascots: Nightmares From The 1950s Doctor's Office

In 1949, Dayalets created mascots to promote vitamins made by Abbott Laboratories, of Chicago, Illinois. Made of food, Dayalet's...

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Ramen-Scarfing ‘Straight Press’ Photographer Joe Stevens Fine Line Ad In Frendz, June 1971

I’m a fiend for line ads in print media; all human life is contained in the few words demanding...

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Étienne Léopold Trouvelot’s Drawings 'Representing The Most Interesting Celestial Objects and Phenomena'

Étienne Léopold Trouvelot’s pencil and pastel drawings of celestial objects and phenomena were good enough to attract the admiration...