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Latest Flashbaks

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Marilyn Monroe In A Jackie Kennedy Wig (1962)

In 1962, six weeks before she died, Marilyn Monroe pulled on a black wig and did a passable imitation...

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The Newlyweds and their Baby Were America's First Comic Book Family (1907)

'Do not pretty women generally do just abut that ridiculous sort of thing' - and marry a stupid, plain...

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Willy Michel And Me: A Photographer's Joyous Mid-Century Photomaton Portraits

In the summer of 1928, Willy Michel (20 August 1905 - 1 March 1976) began to star in a...

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Salvador Dali's Illustrations for the 'Little Napoleon of Showmanship' Billy Rose's Autobiography

You know Billy Rose, of course you do. The 'Basement Belasco'. The 'Bantum Barnum'. The 'Egregious Effendi'. The 'Little...

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Frida Kahlo's Touching Letter to A Troubled Georgia O’Keeffe (1933)

"I would like to tell you every thing that happened to me since the last time we saw each...