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Latest Flashbaks

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Fantastic Old Japanese Posters Of Political Campaigns

These political posters from the mid and late 20th Century are fabulous.

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The Sixteen Pleasures: The Vatican's 16th Century Sex Guide

I Modi (The Ways) is best known as The Sixteen Pleasures, an illustrated sex guide published by Marcantonio Raimondi...

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'Fuzzy Wuzzy' Angels Rescue Allied Soldiers In World War 2

It all began in 1526, when Portuguese sailor Jorge de Meneses became the first European visitor to Papua New...

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Strange and Wonderful Illustrations from Vintage Science Books

Look through about any school science textbook today and they are absolutely brimming with glossy illustrations. But, for some...

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The Artist Who Unlocked King Tutankhamun's Tomb And Revealed A London Underground Of Wonders (1928)

Douglas MacPherson's wonderful cut-away for the London Underground.