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Latest Flashbaks

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Rare Stills From The 1915 Silent Movie Adaptation of Alice in Wonderland

There are pitifully few stills from the 1915 silent movie adaptation of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll directed...

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"Each Mouthful is a Caress" - Wall's Ice Cream Ads from the 1950s

"All Meals are Gay with Wall's Ice Cream!"

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Platforms: The Official Footwear of the '70s

If you think of iconic 1970s fashion, you think of bell-bottoms, wide collars, and the shoes have to be...

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WoodSwimmer: A Mesmerising Stop-Motion Film Of A Tree's Story Made By Cutting Through Wood

A mesmerising voyage through a tree.

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Valerie and Colin's Wedding Reception - Southampton, 1972

In 1972, Wedding of Colin R Vokes and Valerie G Cousens married at Southampton's Church of Saint Augustine of...