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Latest Flashbaks

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Found Photos: One Woman's Love Affair With Her Married Boss

Between May 1969 and December 1970 unmarried secretary, Margret S., 24, and her German businessman boss, Günter K., 39,...

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Photos Of Children In The Troubles: Northern Ireland 1969-1981

orthern Ireland was a place synonymous with murder, bombs, hit-squads, vicious bastards, shootings, victims of liberal bigots and intimidation...

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On This Day In Photos: February 7th In The 20th Century

Photos we found of people, places and events on February 7th in the 20th Century...

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Dear Children of Troy: Leading Figures Write Letters On The Magic of Libraries (1971)

When the Troy Public Library on 510 West Big Beaver opened in 1971, children's librarian Marguerite Hart wrote to...

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In The Library: Where Books Live And You Think (Photos 1950-1961)

Your librarian has asked me to write, telling you what a library can mean to you.