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1970s-80s Finland: Land Of Exceptionally Awful Singing And Dancing

FINLAND is the Land of the Midnight Sun; but in the 70s and 80s it was The Land of...

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The Top 20 Gratuitous Nude Scenes Of The 1980s

What exactly is gratuitous nudity? If you have to struggle to come up with a rational explanation for...

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Bad Album Covers Exposed! The Music Behind the Worst Vinyl Art Of All Time

So, come along and take a tour through some well-known bad album covers and get a taste for the...

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Five Scenes from the Post-Star Wars Film Craze That Unexpectedly Terrorized a Generation of Kids

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Beam Me Up Totty: The Babes of Star Trek

Besides the fact that the Enterprise dress code required micro-minis for all female crew members, it seemed like every...