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Latest Flashbaks

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'Why I Hate My Uncle' And Want To Send Him To Hell, Says William Hitler (1939)

William Hitler explain "Why I Hate My Uncle" in a 1939 magazine and later explains why he'd like to...

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Suspense Comnics: An Infamous Nazi Torture Bondage Comic Book (1944)

If you've a copy of Suspense Comics #3 from 1944 - the one with the Alex Schomburg cover featuring...

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Chicago's South Side April 1941: Life In 'The Black Belt'

In Easter 1941 photographers on the Farm Security Administration's mission arrived in Chicago's "black belt".

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Cat Shots: Demonic Glowing Eyed Cats And How To Photograph A Feline

When a flash is taken of a cat, the lens of their eyes glows such that they looked possessed....

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Getting Out Of Your Skull At Soho's Sex And Bones Le Macabre Club

“When I started working as the Saturday boy at Let It Rock (in 1973), Malcolm McLaren used to take...