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Latest Flashbaks

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Sleazy Reads: 25 Vintage Paperbacks of Ill Repute

Before the internet, the people of Earth read things called books (basically stacks of bound paper with words on...

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When Nazi Germany Saluted England At Spurs' White Hart Lane: 1935

On 4 December 1935, Germany took on England at White Hart Lane in London...

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Waiting In Line To See Star Wars: 1977-2000

Waiting in line to see the show

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Will History blame me or the Bees? 5 Pop Culture Memories of the Killer Bee Invasion of the 1970s

Today, I want to direct your attention to the decade’s enduring fascination with…killer bees

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Dystopia on Tape: Post-Apocalyptic VHS Cover Art

The VHS era was big into post-apocalyptic movies (ex. Mad Max, Escape from New York), and the low...