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Latest Flashbaks

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Swooning For Elvis At The Philadelphia Arena In 1957

This unidentified teenager found Elvis Presley "too much" when he appeared at the Arena in Philadelphia, April 6, 1957

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The 5 Greatest Teachers in Sci-Fi TV History

In science fiction television history, there have been many ideal or role-model teachers depicted; individuals who are worthy of...

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Cheddar Nightmares: Cheese Adverts of the 1960s-70s

Sweet, sweet Lord. This cannot be what I think it is (rubbing eyes) - a piece of bread with...

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The Miserable World of 1970s-80s Afterschool Specials

Television of the 1970s-80s was littered with drunk dads, pregnant teens, alcoholic stepmothers, mentally handicapped brothers, anorexic sisters, and...

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1974: A Cardiff City Fan In A Metal Helmet Prepares For A Manchester United Attack

EVERY so often we come across a photograph that makes us stop and wonder