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Latest Flashbaks

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The Lost Movie 'London After Midnight' and the Brutal Murder of Julia Mangan in 1928

A hideous Lon Chaney, in the most famous of all the lost films, inspired a murder in London's Hyde...

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Mr And Mrs Pork: Bridgid Berlin's Polaroids Of Andy Warhol's Scars And Other Friends

“I would take pictures of Andy’s scars and then go down to Union Square and sell them for five...

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Story of the Cover: The Mile High City on Norman Mailer's 'Cannibals and Christians' 1966

Norman Mailer didn't like plastic. He hated the fact he couldn't smell it, taste it, and its touch was...

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The Dummy's Art Deco Head: A 1920 Study In Four Photographs

We love these photographs of a store dummy's head from 1920...

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Jim Henson’s Sadistic And Hilarious Adverts For Wilkins Coffee (1957-1961)

Before his Muppets made it big, between 1957 and 1961 Jim Henson created 179 ten-second adverts for Washington DC's...