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Latest Flashbaks

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Demonic Laundromats and Vampire Motorcycles: 15 Ridiculous Movie Monsters

Comedian Patton Oswalt has a great bit about this film, joking that it has inspired him to write Rape...

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Street Life In London: 'Careful Observations Among The Poor' In 1877 (35 Photos)

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The Plotted Genius Of Jack Kerouac's Divine On The Road Scroll

Jack Kerouac's 1962 essay for Writer’s Digest “Are Writers Made or Born?" begins: Writers are made, for anybody who...

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The Beast of Birkenshaw: The Brutal Crimes of Scottish Serial Killer Peter Manuel

Picture the scene: New Year's Day, 1958, a killer sits at a breakfast table eating a bowl of children's...

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1970s Sexploitation Tag Lines: Innuendo and Bad Puns Run Amok

Well, I was going to inquire whether they had moral objections to pre-marital sex. I’m so disappointed...