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Latest Flashbaks

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Arthur C. Clarke Predicts The World In 2100: Future Visions From 1964 and 2001

In 2001 (obviously, he did write 2001: A Space Odyssey), Arthur C. Clarke shared with Reader’s Digest readers his...

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The Covers Don't Lie: A brief history of the 1990s UK music scene as told through Select magazine

When music magazines mattered...

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Naughty Co-Eds: A Look at Campusploitation Films

I nearly called it "Studentsploitation", and while this may be more fitting, I thought "Campusploitation" had a better...

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Photographic portraits of Victorian women

Here then are the very real governesses, Miss Havershams, lovers, mothers and heroines of Victorian fiction--upright, firm, steadfast and...

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Ten Commandments For Flappers: 1922

"Do not make a cheap fool of yourself": Ten Commandments for flappers, circa 1922...