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Latest Flashbaks

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What Are They Looking At? Vintage Sweater Models Staring At God-Knows-What

Yes, I know - they're staring at nothing. The photographer says, "Now, look over here" and he points;...

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Flying Monkey Wardrobe Test From 'The Wizard of Oz' (1939)

You'll believe a monkey can fly...

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Alan Denney’s Photographs of Stoke Newington During the ‘Winter of Discontent’ In 1979

When Alan Denney went round photographing Stoke Newington in 1979 it almost looked like it had been abandoned.

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Death By Xenophobia And Other Moves From The Mime Alphabet Book 1974

Published February 28th 1974 by Lerner Pub Group, Nina Gasiorowicz and Cathy Gasiorowicz's Mime Alphabet Book taught readers to...

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Bubble Gum Pop: Elvis Presley's 1956 Topps Trading Cards

In 1956 Topps created 66 Elvis Presley bubble gum cards.