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Latest Flashbaks

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HRROOGA! And Other Vintage Comic Book Monster Sounds

With such a surplus of hulking beasts and hideous hellspawn, writers had to get creative with the noises they...

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The Addams Family - A Coloring Book (1965)

In 1965, Ohio's Saalfield Publishing Company (1900-1977) The Addams Family - A Coloring Book.

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Peter Sellers Covers The Beatles And The Bard In 6 Accents (With Apologies To Laurence Olivier, The Irish And Shakespeare)

Peter Sellers, the comic actor who gave flesh and 'berms' to Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther films, covered...

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Vladimir Nabokov Browses Lolita Covers With Dr Freud

Interviewer: “Mr Nabokov, would you tell us why it is that you detest Dr. Freud?”

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A Time Before Netflix: Vintage TV Movie of the Week Adverts

Before Netflix, before DVR, before premium movie channels, before even DVD and VHS, you had to actually go to...