Vintage Sexism: The A.C. Gilbert ‘Lab Technician Set For Girls’ (1958)

IN 1958 New Haven-based toymaker A.C. Gilbert Company turned youngsters onto science with a new kit. The LAB TECHNICIAN SET was a “CAREER BUILDING SCIENCE” kit.

And it was got Girls.



gilbert lab for girls


How was it different for girls?

Well, it had a few pink bits and the cover said it was “For Girls”.


gilbert lab for girls 1


So. Girls, you could be the lab technician. You could do the work that supported the boys, who were busy inventing life-changing wonders.

The Gilbert 1943 Chemistry Outfit for boys showed the budding scientist working alone. No need for mum. This young blade was the “young chemist”.


Screen shot 2014-04-06 at 19.45.42


He was creating “tomorrow’s America”.


Screen shot 2014-04-06 at 19.49.13


She was having “fun”.

Spotter: Chem Heritage

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