Vintage erotica: when Spick and Span sex sold central heating in 1960s Britain

IN the 1960s, young bucks got their copies of Spic and Span magazine. The women featured within were always keen to show their garters-adorned legs. The stockings were sheer and pulled high, No baggy knees. The attire was Spick and Span. But it wasn’t about the women. It was about the central heating. What a marvel! The ladies were merely the fleshy lagging to the stars of the show: radiators. Readers would look at the ice crystals on the inside of their wet window panes and dream of the day when they got the radiators and got the girls:

spick and span 20

spick and span 19

spick and span 18 spick and span 17
spick and span 16 spick and span 15
spick and span 14 spick and span 13
spick and span 12 spick and span 11 spick and span 10 spick and span 9
spick and span 8 spick and span 7
spick and span 6 spick and span 4 bb0859spick and span 2spick and span 

spic and span rad


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